Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

Shaun the Sheep will fly around the Moon on Artemis I

8-3-2022 | 2

ESA has announced the sole crew member of Artemis I... and it's an animated sheep made of plasticine.

Science & Technology

LEGO bricks may last 1,300 years in the ocean

3-17-2020 | 19

The world's most popular toy brick has turned out to be more resilient than anyone had thought possible.

Science & Technology

Scientists reveal world's first living robots

 VIDEO  1-14-2020 | 65

Researchers have succeeded in creating robots that are made from live animal cells instead of metal and plastic.

Science & Technology

Mutant enzyme breaks down plastic bottles

4-17-2018 | 13

Scientists have inadvertently created a mutant enzyme capable of breaking down common waste plastics.

Nature & Environment

Plastic-eating caterpillar could aid disposal

4-26-2017 | 2

A species of caterpillar known to eat wax inside beehives has been found to eat plastic bags as well.

Science & Technology

Scientists discover plastic-eating bacteria

3-12-2016 | 18

For the first time ever a species of bacteria has been found that can break down common plastics.

Science & Technology

Ocean contains 5 trillion pieces of plastic

12-11-2014 | 36

The world's oceans have become a dumping ground for almost 270,000 tons of waste plastics.

World of the Bizarre

Man in giant bubble rescued from the ocean

 VIDEO  10-7-2014 | 20

An attempt to 'run' from Florida to Bermuda in a plastic bubble didn't go quite according to plan.

Science & Technology

New self-healing plastics developed

5-10-2014 | 7

Researchers have come up with a new type of material with a healing mechanic based on blood vessels.

World of the Bizarre

Author plans Shakespeare plastic surgery

4-23-2011 | 9

Best-selling author Zhang Yiyi is to have plastic surgery in order to look like William Shakespeare.

Science & Technology

Plastic to be made from chicken feathers

4-3-2011 | 5

Researchers have devised a way to produce environmentally friendly plastic from chicken feathers.

World of the Bizarre

Wanted man performed DIY plastic surgery

1-29-2011 | 13

A man wanted for murder in Japan performed plastic surgery on his own face to conceal his identity.

World of the Bizarre

Inventor builds floating home from bottles

10-16-2010 | 7

An inventor has built himself an ideallic island in the Carribean from plastic bottles.

World of the Bizarre

Bear saved after 10 days with head stuck in jar

8-16-2010 | 6

A bear cub has been rescued by a local wildlife commission after having its head stuck in a plastic jar for 10 days.

Science & Technology

Biotechnology could grow plastic on trees

6-12-2010 | 9

Advances in biotechnology and engineering could one day produce plastic that can grow on trees.

World of the Bizarre

Gunther 'Dr Death' von Hagens opens shop

5-29-2010 | 8

Gunther von Hagens has opened a shop selling plasticised limbs and body cuts in his own "cabinet of horrors."

World of the Bizarre

Bra that grows rice developed in Japan

5-14-2010 | 22

A company in Japan have developed a unique bra made of plastic pots that doubles up as a rice paddy.

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