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Science & Technology

Star Trek teleporation 'should be possible'

5-30-2014 | 45

Scientists have been able to successfully achieve reliable quantum teleportation for the first time.

Science & Technology

Can a quantum black hole destroy the Earth ?

5-1-2014 | 23

Can the Large Hadron Collider produce a black hole and what would happen to us if it actually did ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

Does biocentrism prove there is an afterlife?

11-18-2013 | 152

Professor Robert Lanza believes the answer to life after death lies in the science of quantum physics.

Science & Technology

Scientists teleport photons over 97 km

5-13-2012 | 29

Chinese physicists have managed to teleport photons over 97km using quantum entanglement.

Science & Technology

Infinite doppelgangers and quantum probabilities

8-28-2010 | 8

Could your identical twin be living exactly the same life as you in any number of parallel universes ?

Science & Technology

Teleportation and quantum entanglement

8-3-2010 | 41

Scientists are taking gradual steps towards the concept of teleportation via quantum entanglement.

Science & Technology

New quantum teleportation scheme proposed

7-18-2009 | 0

Up until now quantum teleportation has mainly involved the transfer of the quantum state from one particle to another, b...

Nature & Environment

Reverse-engineering bird's quantum compass

6-29-2009 | 0

For years scientists have been studying birds in an attempt to determine exactly how they are able to navigate large dis...

Science & Technology

Quantum setback for warp drives

4-4-2009 | 18

A new study in to the possibility of a real life warp drive has concluded that travelling faster than light is impossibl...

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