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Science & Technology

Vials marked 'smallpox' found in US laboratory

11-18-2021 | 28

The vials were discovered quite by accident by a laboratory worker who had been cleaning out a freezer.

Science & Technology

Blast occurs at Russian lab housing smallpox

9-17-2019 | 12

A gas explosion caused a fire on Monday at the Vector Institute biological research facility in Siberia.

Science & Technology

Scientists have recreated an extinct virus

7-11-2017 | 23

Scientists at the University of Alberta have managed to recreate a relative of the deadly smallpox virus.

Science & Technology

Vials of smallpox found in a cardboard box

7-13-2014 | 25

A US government scientist discovered the forgotten vials at a research center near Washington.

Science & Technology

Should smallpox be condemned to extinction?

5-20-2014 | 13

Health officials will be meeting next week to decide if the virus should be destroyed once and for all.

Science & Technology

Human race 'will be extinct within 100 years'

6-19-2010 | 113

A microbiology professor who helped eradicate smallpox has claimed we will be extinct within only 100 years.

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