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Science & Technology

China is working on a hypersonic spaceplane

8-14-2016 | 13

China is aiming to revolutionize space travel by developing an ambitious new plane/spacecraft hybrid.

Space & Astronomy

Can we fly to another star within 30 years ?

4-12-2016 | 136

An ambitious new project is aiming to make interstellar travel a reality within just three decades.

Space & Astronomy

Nuclear engine could get to Mars in six weeks

3-17-2016 | 66

Russia is working on a new propulsion system that has the potential to revolutionize space travel.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking: space travel will save mankind

2-21-2015 | 42

The celebrated physicist compared the exploration of space to 'life insurance' for the human race.

Space & Astronomy

Radiation could thwart future space travel

10-24-2014 | 21

Sending humans in to space is set to become more difficult due to cosmic radiation exposure.

Space & Astronomy

Is crowd-funding the future of space travel ?

8-17-2013 | 6

Exploratory space missions of the future may be funded by ordinary people, not government agencies.

Space & Astronomy

Space travel can accelerate Alzheimer's

1-1-2013 | 12

New research has discovered that long journeys in space can increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Space & Astronomy

What are the health risks of space travel ?

12-16-2012 | 41

With trips in to space soon to become the norm, what health risks should space tourists be aware of ?

Space & Astronomy

New engine could revolutionize space travel

12-3-2012 | 26

The Sabre is being hailed by some as the biggest advance in engine technology since the jet engine.

Space & Astronomy

What will space travel be like in 30 years ?

9-18-2012 | 13

Richard Branson has weighed in on what he believes space travel will be like over the next three decades.

Space & Astronomy

Which solar system should we visit first ?

10-6-2011 | 46

If mankind were to develop interstellar space travel, where in the galaxy should we go first ?

Science & Technology

Can we travel to Mars within 3 hours ?

1-18-2011 | 48

Scientists are working on technologies that could one day allow faster-than-light space travel.

Space & Astronomy

Will space travel change our brains ?

5-15-2009 | 13

Will regular travel in outer space result in changes to the human brain ? Apollo 14 astronaut Ed Mitchell experienced wh...

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