Monday, March 20, 2023
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Modern Mysteries

Authorities investigate mystery sphere on Japanese beach

 VIDEO  2-22-2023 | 14

A mysterious metal sphere has been the focus of much speculation since it appeared on a beach in Hamamatsu.

Nature & Environment

Scientists outline outrageous plan to refreeze the North and South Poles

9-16-2022 | 28

The controversial plan would involve using a fleet of 125 tanker jets to shroud part of the Earth's atmosphere.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious sphere falls from the sky over Mexico

8-4-2022 | 21

The unidentified object reportedly landed in a tree after falling from the heavens over Veracruz on July 31st.

Space & Astronomy

How the James Webb will help us find life on other worlds

7-20-2022 | 0

Two astrophysicists explore the possibilities of using the new telescope to analyze the atmospheres of extrasolar planets.

Science & Technology

New reactive chemical found in the Earth's atmosphere

6-4-2022 | 6

Known as 'trioxides', these highly reactive chemicals could be contributing to health and environmental problems.

Space & Astronomy

Perseverance rover has created oxygen on Mars

4-24-2021 | 6

NASA's car-sized rover has successfully managed to turn the Martian atmosphere into breathable oxygen.

Space & Astronomy

Planet 'regrew' its atmosphere after losing it

3-15-2021 | 2

Astronomers have identified an extrasolar planet that appears to have regenerated its own atmosphere.

Science & Technology

'Space hurricane' observed over the North Pole

3-3-2021 | 2

Scientists have, for the first time, detected a hurricane taking place in the Earth's upper atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Doubts cast on 'signs of life on Venus' claim

1-30-2021 | 6

A new paper has cast doubt on the presence of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of the planet Venus.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was the 'Betz mystery sphere' an alien device ?

1-1-2021 | 30

A strange metallic sphere found near the home of a family in Florida sparked a decades-long mystery.

The UFO Phenomenon

Russian cosmonaut films 5 'UFOs' from space

 VIDEO  8-22-2020 | 19

Ivan Vagner recently captured something unexplained over the Earth's southern hemisphere.

Space & Astronomy

Are we living in a giant deflated croissant ?

8-9-2020 | 10

Scientists have determined the most likely shape of the heliosphere which surrounds the solar system.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals sharpest ever images of the Sun

4-10-2020 | 2

NASA's High-Resolution Coronal Imager has captured new high-resolution images of the Sun's atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Uranus is leaking atmospheric gases into space

3-27-2020 | 12

A new analysis of data from NASA's Voyager 2 mission has revealed that the atmosphere of Uranus is leaking.

Science & Technology

Theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson has died

3-2-2020 | 4

The man who envisaged that an alien race could build a 'Dyson Sphere' around its star has died aged 96.

The UFO Phenomenon

Sphere filmed floating in the sky over California

 VIDEO  2-9-2020 | 26

A recently uploaded video clip shows a featureless spherical object hovering motionless in the sky.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals Parker Solar Probe discoveries

 VIDEO  12-4-2019 | 7

The groundbreaking solar probe has sent back its first observations from the edge of the Sun's atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Fireball may have been an orbiting 'minimoon'

12-2-2019 | 3

Scientists have discovered new evidence of a temporary moon burning up in the Earth's atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

'Forbidden' planet found in Neptunian Desert

5-29-2019 | 4

Astronomers have found a planet with an atmosphere in a region that was thought to be hostile to such worlds.

Space & Astronomy

Spectacular fireball explodes over Siberia

 VIDEO  4-11-2019 | 3

Russia has seen more than its fair share of space rocks exploding in the Earth's atmosphere in recent months.

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