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Remembering 'Storm Area 51' - one year on

9-23-2020 | 5

12 months ago, what started out as a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post became a social media phenomenon.


'Storm Area 51' is happening all over again

2-15-2020 | 11

The infamous event, which saw millions of sign-ups back in 2019, is set to take place again later this year.


Hundreds sign up to storm Australia's Area 51

11-26-2019 | 8

Several Facebook pages have cropped up to promote Australia's answer to the infamous 'Storm Area 51' event.


Military apologizes for Area 51 threat Tweet

9-26-2019 | 7

A US military Twitter account has issued an apology for threatening to bomb 'Storm Area 51' attendees.


Only a few dozen show up to 'Storm Area 51'

 VIDEO  9-21-2019 | 44

After months of hype, barely anyone actually turned up to storm through the gates of the secretive facility.


'Storm Area 51' could be a disaster, say locals

9-20-2019 | 44

Local businesses and authorities are 'preparing for the worst' as crowds start to descend on the region.

World of the Bizarre

'Storm Area 51' founder cancels festival

9-11-2019 | 11

The 'Alienstock' festival set to take place in Nevada next week has been canceled after its founder pulled out.


'Storm Area 51' has now become 'Alienstock'

8-15-2019 | 9

A plan to send thousands of people through the gates of Area 51 seems to have turned into a music festival.

World of the Bizarre

'Storm Area 51' spawns copycat campaigns

7-19-2019 | 130

Inspired by the recent social media phenomenon, other people have started setting up their own 'storm' events.


Creator of 'Storm Area 51' comes forward

 VIDEO  7-18-2019 | 130

The Facebook user who started the campaign to storm the secretive military base has finally spoken out.


US military warns against 'Storm Area 51' stunt

7-15-2019 | 130

1 million social media users who have pledged to storm the secretive base have been warned against doing so.


185,000 truth seekers pledge to storm Area 51

7-9-2019 | 130

A large number of social media users have reportedly committed to rushing in to the facility at the same time.

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