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'Storm Area 51' could be a disaster, say locals

By T.K. Randall
September 20, 2019 · Comment icon 44 comments

Things are about to get very busy at Area 51. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.5 Cooper
Local businesses and authorities are 'preparing for the worst' as crowds start to descend on the region.
Despite efforts to dissuade people from turning up to the controversial 'Storm Area 51' event, large crowds are still expected to attend, much to the dismay of those who live nearby.

The small towns of Rachel and Hiko are woefully underequipped to deal with such a large influx of people and there are concerns that many will not bring appropriate clothing for the desert conditions.

A lack of food, water, toilets, fuel and bins could also prove to be a major problem.

"Those that know what to expect camping in the desert are going to have a good time," said Rachel resident Joerg Arnu. "Those who are looking for a big party are going to be disappointed."
The US military has also been preparing for the possibility that people will actually try to 'storm' the Area 51 facility as per the event's original concept.

According to reports, razor wire has been installed along the boundary as well as additional cameras and even a spiked barrier designed to stop people charging through the gates.

Hundreds of police officers and medics are also expected to attend.

A total of $250,000 has been allocated to handle the situation.

"We really didn't ask for this," said Lincoln County commissioner Varlin Higbee.

Source: Independent | Comments (44)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #35 Posted by Obviousman 5 years ago
A DPRK flag? Nutters.
Comment icon #36 Posted by and then 5 years ago
You'd need nukes.
Comment icon #37 Posted by freetoroam 5 years ago
Only about 100 turned up. There is some hope for mankind if this is all there are. Imagine if an alien craft turned up and saw this lot? They would not probe this lot with a bargepole.
Comment icon #38 Posted by Farmer77 5 years ago
Its really crazy how quickly it happens out here. Just two weeks ago it was 120 during the day and stayed like 105 at night. This AM it was 65 when I woke up! (which is weirdly freezing ass cold in the desert)
Comment icon #39 Posted by susieice 5 years ago
The desert loses heat at night as quickly as it heats up in the daytime. 
Comment icon #40 Posted by Timothy 5 years ago
@Gwynbleidd, I’m glad it didn’t go further south! Twas a measured tinfoil hat response in the end. 
Comment icon #41 Posted by Timothy 5 years ago
double post
Comment icon #42 Posted by Timothy 5 years ago
They generally do that with YouTube live streams.  Eg. I generally catch rocket launches after the fact, and they will show the chat and reactions as they happened real time with the video. Facebook live streams do the same thing.  It is annoying.  Edit: Oh my, Reanu Keeves you are a ravishing man!
Comment icon #43 Posted by Gwynbleidd 5 years ago
Lost footage from the guys who "raided" Area 51 - so loud these young people today.   Not to mention, when you're young and stupid it sound fun to eat doritos off the ground. Right, without further ado! 5min vid  
Comment icon #44 Posted by Scholar4Truth 5 years ago
Looks like most came for the music festival then they did the raid.

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