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Could aliens be using supernovae explosions to get our attention ?

2-19-2024 | 25

Astronomers have been exploring whether these huge stellar explosions could be acting as deep space beacons.


Could aliens use a nearby supernova explosion to get our attention ?

6-24-2023 | 11

SETI astronomers are looking for signs of extraterrestrial communications within the vicinity of a large stellar explosion.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers watch red supergiant star explode for the first time

1-7-2022 | 13

In a world first, astronomers have had the opportunity to watch a red supergiant exploding in real time.

Space & Astronomy

Is the star Betelgeuse about to go supernova ?

12-24-2019 | 25

One of the brightest stars in the night sky is exhibiting signs that its explosive demise might not be far away.


Did a supernova prompt us to walk upright ?

5-31-2019 | 8

A new study has linked a 2.6 million-year-old supernova explosion with our ancestors' move to bipedalism.


Was megalodon wiped out by a supernova ?

12-14-2018 | 23

A new study has suggested that the world's largest ever shark may have been wiped out by an exploding star.

Archaeology & History

Ancient stone carving may depict supernova

1-11-2018 | 16

Scientists have identified what they believe to be the first known depiction of an exploding star.

Space & Astronomy

Could Eta Carinae explode and wipe us out ?

12-19-2014 | 24

A massive and volatile star located 7,500 light years away is on the verge of going supernova.

Space & Astronomy

Dead stars can reignite and then blow up

8-29-2014 | 8

Astronomers have determined that white dwarf stars can suddenly spring back to life and explode.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers observe huge cosmic explosion

11-23-2013 | 12

A powerful supernova in a distant galaxy has produced the largest gamma ray burst ever detected.

Space & Astronomy

Was 774AD 'red crucifix' a supernova ?

7-2-2012 | 5

A mysterious red cross in the sky in 774AD may have been a previously unrecognised supernova explosion.

Space & Astronomy

Earth could have two suns for a short time

1-22-2011 | 91

If nearby star Betelgeuse goes supernova we could end up with two suns in the sky.

Space & Astronomy

Supernova leaves glowing embers

1-3-2010 | 7

A Japanese observatory has discovered glowing embers 10,000 times hotter than the Sun left behind following a supernova....

Space & Astronomy

Herschel 'fingerprints' the biggest star

11-28-2009 |

The European Space Agency's new orbital space telescope has observed the death throes of the largest star known to scien...

Space & Astronomy

Nearby star may have gone supernova

6-12-2009 | 44

Nearby star Betelgeuse has been noticably shrinking over the past decade indicating that it may by now have gone superno...

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