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World of the Bizarre

Artist trains monkey to give him a permanent tattoo with a needle gun

 VIDEO  2-8-2023 | 8

South American social media influencer Funky Matas recently published a video showcasing the insane stunt.

World of the Bizarre

Woman goes blind after tattooing eyeballs black

2-29-2020 | 57

A 25-year-old Polish model lost most of her eyesight after having a tattoo artist dye the whites of her eyes black.

Science & Technology

FBI is developing tattoo recognition software

6-4-2016 | 25

Authorities in the US are working on a way to track and identify criminals by recognizing their tattoos.

Science & Technology

Would you tattoo a microphone to your neck ?

11-10-2013 | 21

Telecommunications company Motorola has filed a patent from an unusual new mobile phone mouthpiece.

World of the Bizarre

Tattooed dog generates controversy

4-1-2013 | 33

A man is under investigation by officials after he tattooed his dog and publicized it on the Internet.

Science & Technology

Pentagon to track soldiers using tattoos

3-30-2013 | 8

Scientists at the Pentagon are looking to use a special tattoo to track the vital signs of US soldiers.

Science & Technology

'Tooth tattoo' could save your life

6-9-2012 | 8

A 'tooth tattoo' made from silk strands and gold wires could detect life-threatening illnesses.

World of the Bizarre

'Poo tattoo' exposed as hoax ?

11-30-2011 | 25

The story of a man who tattooed a picture of a pile of excrement on his ex-lover is thought to be a hoax.

World of the Bizarre

Man has Where's Wally? scene tattoo

8-30-2011 | 31

John Mosley has had an entire Where's Wally? scene tattooed on his back complete with 150 characters.

World of the Bizarre

Fan has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts

3-14-2011 | 32

Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic has had 82 pictures of the actress tattooed all over his torso and arms.

World of the Bizarre

Man tattoos whites of his eyes

10-23-2010 | 25

Known as the Human Chequerboard Matt Gone has taken his tattoo obsession one step further.

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