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Metaphysics & Psychology

CIA files reveal that the Soviets were developing cybernetic telepathy

4-4-2022 | 11

Newly released documents suggest that the Soviet Union was experimenting with telepathic communication.

Science & Technology

DARPA develops telepathic drone control

9-10-2018 | 7

Military scientists have created a brain interface that can enable a person to control drones with their mind.

Science & Technology

Brain implants could make telepathy a reality

4-2-2018 | 17

A leading surgeon believes that we will gain the ability to read each other's minds within as little as 20 years.

Metaphysics & Psychology

5-year-old genius is alleged to be telepathic

 VIDEO  11-17-2015 | 72

5-year-old Ramses Sanguino has allegedly developed the ability to read numbers from his mother's mind.

Science & Technology

Two human brains linked in guessing game

 VIDEO  9-23-2015 | 12

Scientists have succeeded in enabling brain-to-brain communication between two people over the Internet.

Science & Technology

Could Facebook one day utilize telepathy ?

7-6-2015 | 15

Mark Zuckerberg recently outlined what might be in store for the social media platform in the future.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientist investigates phone call telepathy

7-1-2014 | 27

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake conducted a study to see if we really can tell who is calling before picking up.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can dreams solve other people's problems ?

4-19-2014 | 14

A new study has suggested that it may be possible to learn about someone else's problems while asleep.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Does telepathy exist between couples ?

2-17-2013 | 42

Can those of us who choose to spend our lives together feel a telepathic connection with one another ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

Does telepathy conflict with science ?

3-27-2012 | 58

More scientists and skeptics than ever consider psychic phenomena to be a possibility on some level.

Nature & Environment

Are dogs born with "caninine telepathy" ?

6-12-2011 | 33

A new study suggests that dogs are so in tune with us that they may even be able to read our minds.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Student gets psychic scholarship

11-1-2009 | 0

Academic courses on paranormal phenomena may be few and far between but a student in Northampton has been awarded a gran...

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