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World of the Bizarre

Apache helicopter drops missile over Texas

5-19-2012 | 19

A military chopper accidentally dropped a training missile near the town of Killeen in central Texas.

The UFO Phenomenon

Texas witness reports military UFO chase

11-26-2011 | 27

A witness has reported a triangle-shaped object being chased by military aircraft near Houston.

Science & Technology

'Get ready for extreme weather' experts warn

11-19-2011 | 57

The flooding in Thailand and the drought in Texas could be a sign of things to come, warn climatologists.

World of the Bizarre

Woman attacked by "500-year-old vampire"

8-18-2011 | 43

A man has been arrested in Texas for breaking in to a woman's house and biting her on the neck.


West Texas paintings to get laser study

6-5-2011 | 2

A prehistoric painting in West Texas is getting the laser treatment for study and preservation purposes.

The UFO Phenomenon

Witness reports 7500 feet 'super ship'

10-11-2010 | 52

A UFO witness in Texas has reported seeing a massive object on October 5th.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Two Chupacabras spotted in Texas ?

7-15-2010 | 55

North Texas locals have reported sightings of two mysterious coyote-like creatures within a 10-mile stretch.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Woman claims demon drove her from home

12-17-2009 | 33

A woman in Texas was driven to leave the home she was renting due to a series of paranormal sightings of a little girl t...

Modern Mysteries

Pilot sees "missile" heading for plane

6-4-2009 | 15

A Continental Airlines pilot with military training sparked an FBI investigation after he reported seeing a mystery obje...

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