Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Nature & Environment

Record-breaking 'Toadzilla' captured in Queensland

 VIDEO  1-21-2023 | 11

Wildlife officials in Australia have confirmed that this gargantuan cane toad is very much the real deal.

Nature & Environment

Thousands of toxic toads have invaded Florida

 VIDEO  3-27-2019 | 12

A South Florida neighborhood has been besieged this month by countless thousands of poisonous cane toads.

Archaeology & History

Jar of toads found in ancient Canaanite tomb

9-26-2017 | 8

Archaeologists in Jerusalem have unearthed a 4,000-year-old tomb containing a jar of headless toads.

Nature & Environment

Frogs are capable of seeing color in the dark

3-5-2017 | 3

Scientists have found that frogs and toads possess night vision superior to that of all other animals.

Nature & Environment

China invaded by thousands of tiny toads

6-6-2015 | 3

A massive plague of amphibians has descended upon China's Liaoning Province following heavy rainfall.

World of the Bizarre

Road closed to aid mass toad crossing

2-28-2014 | 20

A road in Lincolnshire is to be closed for a month so that toads can reach their local breeding grounds.

Nature & Environment

Hipster toad uses moustache as a weapon

7-6-2013 | 16

A remarkable species of toad has developed a rather unusual feature for combat and defense.

Nature & Environment

"Extinct" toad rediscovered in Malaysia

7-16-2011 | 5

A species of toad last seen 90 years ago has been found alive and well in the jungles of Borneo.

Nature & Environment

Five-legged toad discovered

7-8-2010 | 0

A peculiar toad with five legs has been discovered by a dog walker on a nature reserve.

Nature & Environment

Common toads can predict earthquakes

4-2-2010 | 3

A new study has found that common toads are able to predict upcoming earthquakes.

Nature & Environment

Role reversal: toad eats snake

7-7-2009 | 8

In a rare photograph snapped by a tourist in central China a toad has been observed eating a snake. The toad polished of...

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