Friday, March 31, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

Missile test launch sparks UFO scare in South Korea

 VIDEO  12-31-2022 | 5

Social media was awash on Friday with reports of strange objects, vapor trails and colored lights over the country.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Elusive black cougar spotted in Oakville, Canada

7-10-2022 | 51

An Oakville resident claims to have witnessed a pure black cougar on the McCraney Creek trails last week.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mysterious red trails captured on camera in North Carolina

 VIDEO  2-1-2022 | 50

Artist and photographer Wes Snyder captured a time-lapse recording of the trails while filming the night sky.

Modern Mysteries

MH370 pilot 'deliberately masked flight path'

5-8-2021 | 22

The pilot of the doomed airliner may have attempted to leave 'false trails' and hide the plane's true trajectory.

The UFO Phenomenon

Man filming 'chemtrails' also captures UFO

 VIDEO  11-6-2019 | 46

A conspiracy theorist who had been filming a plane's vapor trail also managed to pick up a strange object in the sky.


Leading experts debunk chemtrails conspiracy

8-17-2016 | 65

Are shadowy government agencies spraying us with chemicals from airplanes or is the whole idea nonsense ?

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid trails Earth in weird orbit

4-7-2011 | 25

A newly discovered asteroid has been found to have been following us for 250,000 years.

Nature & Environment

Ants don't have traffic jams

4-1-2009 | 22

Unlike traffic on our roads, large numbers of ants have the remarkable ability to maintain an average velocity regardles...

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