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Science & Technology

Evidence of world's largest ever earthquake discovered

4-20-2022 | 1

Scientists have found signs of a historical earthquake so large that it produced a tsunami 5,000 miles long.

Archaeology & History

Remains found of man and dog who tried to flee tsunami

1-14-2022 | 1

3,600 years ago, a volcanic eruption in the Aegean Sea produced a torrent of devastating tsunamis.

Science & Technology

'Ice tsunami' thunders ashore on Lake Erie

 VIDEO  2-27-2019 | 4

Huge chunks of ice thrust ashore by strong winds have been forming walls up to 40ft high near Buffalo.

Science & Technology

UK tsunami risk is much higher than thought

9-18-2018 | 4

New research has revealed that the last tsunami to hit the UK was a lot more recent than anyone had realized.

Archaeology & History

Lost city of Neapolis discovered in Tunisia

9-3-2017 | 2

Archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a long-lost Roman city that was destroyed by a tsunami.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists find evidence of tsunamis on Mars

5-20-2016 | 7

New evidence has suggested that Mars may have once experienced frequent and destructive tidal waves.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Taxi drivers pick up 'phantom fares' in Japan

2-10-2016 | 33

Several cab drivers have reported having strange experiences in the area hit by the 2011 tsunami.

Science & Technology

Japan to build giant 250-mile-long seawall

3-25-2015 | 53

The enormous four-storey high structure has been designed to protect the coast against tsunamis.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost stories still surround Japan Tsunami

2-22-2014 | 26

A series of strange tales and incidents have appeared in the wake of the devastating 2011 tsunami.

World of the Bizarre

Live fish found in tsunami debris

4-7-2013 | 5

An unlikely stowaway has been found aboard a boat that washed up on US shores after the Japan tsunami.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghosts of the past haunt tsunami survivors

3-25-2013 | 29

The Japanese tsunami two years ago has left some so traumatized that they now believe they see ghosts.


Secret WWII 'tsunami bomb' project revealed

1-3-2013 | 20

A secret project during World War II sought to develop a way to use tsunamis as a deadly weapon.

Archaeology & History

Was the 'Wave of Poseidon' a real tsunami ?

4-22-2012 | 20

Ancient Greek lore tells of a giant wave sent by the gods to wipe out an entire marauding Persian army.

Science & Technology

Robot farm to open in tsunami disaster area

1-10-2012 | 13

The project will see the world's first robot farm open on land swamped by the tsunami in Japan.

Nature & Environment

Japan tsunami 'could be 1000-year event'

3-17-2011 | 17

Seismologists discover evidence of a similar tsunami that hit Sendai in 869 AD.


Ancient traditions give Japanese strength

3-16-2011 | 19

Japanese turn to Buddhist and Shinto traditions for strength after the earthquake and tsunami.

Space & Astronomy

Solar tsunamis are real, says NASA

11-27-2009 | 5

Up until now the powerful waves of plasma observed on the surface of the sun known as "solar tsunamis" were thought to b...

Archaeology & History

Ancient tsunami 'hit New York'

5-6-2009 | 0

Scientists believe a huge wave would have smash in to what is now New York City over 2300 years ago. Studies in to sedim...

Space & Astronomy

Asteroids won't raise killer waves

4-18-2009 | 13

The risk of an asteroid hitting the oceans and producing a massive tidal wave have been reduced substantially following ...

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