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The UFO Phenomenon

Dozens witness strange UFO over Missouri

10-7-2011 | 79

Missouri experienced the 8th highest number of UFO reports in the United States last month.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

"Lizard Man" returns to haunt South Carolina

7-9-2011 | 37

A mysterious creature is being blamed for a series of car bumper vandalisms in the United States.

World of the Bizarre

Giant South Dakota hailstone breaks US record

8-2-2010 | 7

A massive hailstone weighing over a kilo has been confirmed as the largest ever recovered in the United States.

Science & Technology

Relativity now 10,000 times more accurate

2-22-2010 | 1

Physicists in the United States have succeeded in proving Einstein's theory of relativity 10,000 times more accurately.


Pentagon's black budget tops $56 billion

2-2-2010 | 10

The amount of money assigned by the United States to classified "black projects" has now exceeded over $56 billion.

Science & Technology

Woman's sight restored with tooth

9-21-2009 | 9

In a groundbreaking procedure last week specialists in the United States have succeeded in restoring a woman's sight by ...

Creatures, Myths & Legends

"Phantom kangaroos" in the United States

6-27-2009 | 12

Taking a look at the "phantom kangaroo" phenomenon, strange carnivorous masupials sighted across the United States as fa...

The UFO Phenomenon

McKinnon takes case up with High Court

6-10-2009 | 21

With growing support from celebrities and the public UFO hacker Gary McKinnon is to take his appeal against extradition ...

Space & Astronomy

Pentagon: US not developing space weapons

2-23-2009 | 11

A Pentagon official has claimed that the United States is not developing space weapons and couldn't afford to do so even...

Space & Astronomy

Mixed response to Obama space weapons ban

2-5-2009 | 18

President of the United States Barack Obama has received a mixed reaction to a proposal to ban space based weapons....

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