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Space & Astronomy

'Pack ice' tectonic motion discovered on Venus

6-23-2021 | 1

A groundbreaking discovery on Venus has indicated that it is even more Earth-like than previously believed.

Space & Astronomy

NASA is planning two new missions to Venus

6-3-2021 | 3

For the first time in over 30 years, the space agency will be venturing back to the second planet from the Sun.

Space & Astronomy

Doubts cast on 'signs of life on Venus' claim

1-30-2021 | 6

A new paper has cast doubt on the presence of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of the planet Venus.

Space & Astronomy

Evidence of life on Venus found 40 years ago?

10-2-2020 | 3

Data collected during a NASA mission in 1978 could also point to the presence of phosphine on Venus.


Skepticism surrounds 'life on Venus' claim

9-24-2020 | 2

It may be a bit premature to conclude that the detection of phosphine on Venus is an indication of alien life.


'Tesla was from Venus' claims FBI document

9-22-2020 | 53

A rather peculiar claim concerning Nikola Tesla has been found in the archives of the FBI's official website.

Space & Astronomy

'Venus is a Russian planet' claims space chief

9-20-2020 | 12

Dmitry Rogozin made the rather bizarre claim while speaking to reporters at an exhibition last week.

Space & Astronomy

Possible signs of alien life detected on Venus

 VIDEO  9-14-2020 | 27

The discovery of phosphine suggests that Venus may not be quite as inhospitable to life as previously thought.

Space & Astronomy

Evidence of active volcanism found on Venus

7-21-2020 | 1

Far from being a dormant world, the surface of Venus seems to show evidence of recent volcanic activity.

Space & Astronomy

Venus was once a temperate, habitable world

9-24-2019 | 23

A remarkable new study has suggested that until relatively recently, Venus was much like the Earth.


FBI file details contactee George Van Tassel

 VIDEO  8-16-2019 | 9

The American author and ufologist once claimed to have been in contact with an extraterrestrial from Venus.

Space & Astronomy

Dust ring discovered in Mercury's orbit

3-17-2019 | 2

A dust ring like that found in the orbits of the Earth and Venus has been found in the orbit of Mercury as well.

Space & Astronomy

Is Venus really the closest planet to Earth ?

 VIDEO  3-15-2019 | 10

In a new study, scientists have worked out that, on average, Mercury is actually closer to us than Venus.


Could there be life in the clouds of Venus ?

4-1-2018 | 7

A new paper has put forward the suggestion that the clouds of Venus could be a habitat for microbial life.

Space & Astronomy

Three planets to hide behind the Moon today

 VIDEO  9-18-2017 | 1

Venus, Mars and Mercury will all be temporarily disappearing behind the Moon over the next few hours.

Space & Astronomy

NASA is developing a clockwork Venus probe

8-29-2017 | 15

The atmospheric conditions on Venus are so hostile that NASA's next probe may use a mechanical computer.

Space & Astronomy

Hawking: 'Trump could turn Earth in to Venus'

7-5-2017 | 326

In an interview on his 75th birthday, Professor Stephen Hawking warned of the dangers of global warming.


Dark streaks on Venus could be alien microbes

1-12-2017 | 28

Scientists are keen to launch a mission to Venus to investigate mysterious dark streaks in its clouds.

Space & Astronomy

What happened to all the water on Venus ?

6-21-2016 | 7

Scientists have been investigating where all the water in the atmosphere of Venus disappeared to.

Natural World

The Venus flytrap is able to count to five

 VIDEO  1-24-2016 | 17

The secret behind the carnivorous plant's success is its ability to count how many times it is touched.

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