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Prehistoric carnivorous 'terror beast' worm fossils unearthed in Greenland

1-5-2024 | 2

Over 500 million years ago, these huge predatory worms prowled the Cambrian seas.

Nature & Environment

Bizarre new worm species has one head and countless bodies

1-31-2022 | 1

You've heard of worms that become two when cut in half, but what about worms with multiple bodies ?

Nature & Environment

Iridescent 'Elvis worms' discovered on sea floor

 VIDEO  5-17-2020 | 4

Researchers have identified four species of bizarre deep-sea worm that have been named after Elvis Presley.

Science & Technology

Scientists extend lifespan of worms by 500%

1-12-2020 | 10

A new study has found that a few simple genetic changes can make worms live much, much longer.

Nature & Environment

Scientists discover shipworm that eats rock

 VIDEO  6-21-2019 | 7

Given that shipworms are typically known to chew through wood, the find came as something of a surprise.

Science & Technology

42,000-year-old worms revived in Russia

7-26-2018 | 5

Russian scientists claim that they have successfully revived ancient worms that were frozen in permafrost.

Nature & Environment

Giant predatory worms have invaded France

5-22-2018 | 15

Scientists have warned that huge worms up to 40cm long have been silently invading French gardens.

Science & Technology

Earthworms can reproduce in Martian soil

11-28-2017 | 28

The results of a recent experiment suggest that the soil on Mars is likely to be suitable for agriculture.

Nature & Environment

First ever living giant shipworms discovered

 VIDEO  4-18-2017 | 9

A team of researchers have located a live colony of huge prehistoric molluscs in the Philippines.

Science & Technology

Edible insects are a very good source of iron

11-13-2016 | 12

Suffering from iron deficiency ? Try dining on a few cooked grasshoppers, crickets and buffalo worms.

Science & Technology

Genetic switch could halt the aging process

7-26-2015 | 22

Scientists may have found a way to halt aging in humans by discovering a way to do it in worms.

Modern Mysteries

Earthworms rain from the sky over Norway

4-17-2015 | 15

Reports from across Norway have described peculiar deluges of worms cascading from the heavens.


Did prehistoric worms save the world ?

8-11-2014 | 5

Burrowing worms may have had a profound impact on the development of life over 500 million years ago.

Science & Technology

Genetically engineered worms can't get drunk

7-18-2014 | 25

Scientists have produced a worm with altered genes that is incapable of ever becoming intoxicated.

Science & Technology

'3-D printed' dome uses 6,500 live silkworms

7-13-2013 | 2

An experiment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has produced a remarkable silk dome.

Nature & Environment

Worms can regrow their decapitated heads

7-11-2013 | 9

A remarkable species of worm is capable of some impressive regenerative abilities.

World of the Bizarre

70 earthworms get married in Taiwan

9-18-2012 | 28

A group of 70 common earthworms have been married in an unusual and elaborate wedding ceremony.

Nature & Environment

Rare carnivorous plant discovered in Brazil

1-12-2012 | 7

Carnivorous plant found recently in Brazil uses buried leaves to catch and devour worms in the soil.

World of the Bizarre

Worms rain from the sky over Scotland

4-8-2011 | 28

In an unusual Fortean event pupils at a Scottish school encountered worms raining down from the sky.

Nature & Environment

Worm plague invades China's pastures

5-10-2009 | 14

An invasion of mysterious worms has created havoc in China, causing herdsmen and livestock to flee the grasslands in the...

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