Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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General Mysteries

My ancestry is calling me

7-21-2017 | 0

Since I was a little girl I felt different. I had so many gifts and a desire to help others that was beyond words. I felt as...

True Ghost Stories

I can hear someone

6-27-2017 | 2

Several years ago (pre-teen years), I was having a sleepover with a friend. A male voice said my name very loudly, as if stat...

True Ghost Stories

My dead father spoke to me

6-27-2017 | 1

My best friend's father Osteen died and I had gotten very close to him, especially the last few years of his life. He treated...

General Mysteries

Is my child predicting our death ?

6-27-2017 | 12

Let me start off by saying that my 4 year old daughter is a happy, smart, and carefree child that has not experienced any tra...

True Ghost Stories

Craig is here

6-10-2017 | 7

About 2 months after my best friend Craig died, something woke me from a deep sleep. I turned over and saw Craig standing the...

True Ghost Stories

We saw the same thing!

6-10-2017 | 0

When I was about 8, my best friend moved into the house behind me. It was a huge house built in 1980. When they first moved i...

General Mysteries

'The hand of God is knocking'

6-10-2017 | 1

It was a mild summer night living in the desert. I, my daughter and grand daughter had a house in a suburban neighborhood tha...

Dreams & Consciousness

Three female faces

6-5-2017 | 5

One night I was in bed, with lights off, laying on my back slowing drifting into sleep, I felt my whole body pressed into the...

General Mysteries

Encounter at 3:33 AM

6-5-2017 | 4

This is my story that happened quite recently, meaning the day I posted this. Our house is located in the suburban area of Bu...

True Ghost Stories

Trade school terror

5-26-2017 | 3

Back in 1998 I enrolled in the Cascade job corps program. Immediately upon arriving I felt uneasy, the atmosphere was wrong, ...

Creature Encounters

Twice whistling creature ?

5-4-2017 | 15

Okay so this has been going on for a few months now but things just went to the next level last night. I was about 6 months p...

True Ghost Stories

Someone is on my bed

5-4-2017 | 7

One night I wasn't asleep or tired or anything, but I had to get up early in the morning, so I went to bed. I turn my fan on ...

True Ghost Stories

Being told

5-4-2017 | 4

I was a married women with 3 young boys. One an infant, a five year old and a six and a half year old son. I was taking a hai...

True Ghost Stories

Man in the hat

5-4-2017 | 1

When I was about 20 years old something strange happened to me. I'd just finished coming from my friend Jose's apartment. I w...

Creature Encounters

Is the Boar Man real ?

4-26-2017 | 1

Recently my husband and I traveled to the Wichita mountains wildlife refuge. We had been there a few times and the parallels ...

True Ghost Stories

Possessed boom box 1988

4-26-2017 | 5

This is my first scary story. This takes place in Santa Ana, California. I was young, about 4 and non verbal. I also want to ...

True Ghost Stories

Grandpa's visit

4-14-2017 | 0

I have an experience that I would really like to share with you, and I am open to every kind of opinion. Although I was only ...

True Ghost Stories

Mysterious dog

4-14-2017 | 4

I'm sorry if I seem a little off, this last happening has me on edge with very little sleep lately. So a little background - ...

UFO Sightings

A night to remember

4-14-2017 | 0

Twenty six years ago and still I can't forget the night when I saw a strange thing in the sky. I was a young lady that time, ...

True Ghost Stories

The ghost of the naval officer

4-14-2017 | 1

The story I am about to tell you guys happened to me when I was about 16 years old. This particular incident made me a belie...

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