Friday, February 23, 2018
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Mysterious dog

Posted on 4-14-2017 | Comment icon 4 comments

By: Kiki | Location: Utah

I'm sorry if I seem a little off, this last happening has me on edge with very little sleep lately. So a little background - I am 21 yrs old and recently married, my wife and I live in a manufactured home park with my parents. We are currently in the process of moving but that's beside the point. My entire life I have been around paranormal happenings and have countless stories to tell. But this most recent one happened about a week ago and I am usually not worried but this is the first time my wife saw it too.

So it was late at night and we went to sleep. I've been having some trouble sleeping lately and wake up at random times of the night to a very heavy air in the room. I have a dog, a white and brown border collie, small for her breed, that sleeps on the ground next to me, and every time I wake up so does she. My dog sleeps through the night pretty well, but I know she's been having trouble as well.

So after about 4 of these weird nights I wake up one day to my dog growling. I am suddenly wide awake and terrified and suddenly my dog pounces and jabs my side hard with her paws (she didn't know I was wide awake). She is growling towards the foot of my bed. My wife suddenly stirs wide awake as well and we give each other this scared look. I grab my phone and turn on my flashlight. I shine it to the foot of our bed and both my wife and I see a dog staring at us. An old gray big dog.

My wife breaks out crying and I look over at her and look back almost immediately and my dog is barking hysterically but the gray dog is gone. I still feel like we are being spied on and cannot shake the feeling. I have been sleeping with lights on ever since. I randomly hear barking or crying of a dog that is not mine coming from different parts of my home and my collie gets defensive every time it happens. Any ideas what it could be or mean or intentions would help.

Comments (4)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 on 14 April, 2017, 23:09
Such things are not all that shocking to me having beeninto this stuff for awhile. My first question would be if a dog such as the one you saw happened to live in that home before your family. You probably don't know. I am more of a believer type on this forum. Most here are non-believers; the minute they hear sleep it will be written of as a hypnogogic something or other. Two of you, then suggestive hypnogogic something or other by your wife. And the dog is just a dog riled by an animal outside....
Comment icon #2 Posted by Sherry Gibson on 15 April, 2017, 19:47
UM-Bot, you are a Sensitive as am I. Such mysteries are drawn to you. If your wife doesn't already know, please attempt to gently explain this to her in order for her to understand that many people are. It's nothing to fear. As papageorge1 said, perhaps it's the spirit of a dog who used to live there and doesn't realize that it's dead. It may see you as an unknown tresspasser. As for the thick, heavy air, I suspect that there's some strong energy around. Do whatever feels Sacred to you; such as prayer and meditation. Ask Creator to help you to understand and give you peace. If I bring up such... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by Prif_the_Pirate on 13 September, 2017, 22:46
I completely agree with the previous comments that it could be the ghost of a dog that lived there before, but being as you are susceptible to paranormal happenings, I would not rule out another option. Throughout history, spectral dogs have been recorded in many cultures as omens, apparitions, or just plain scary things. You don't have to dive deep into Cryptozoology to find something about a hellhound. Since you seem to be sensitive, I wouldn't find it a stretch to find that there is some sort of spectral dog that could possibly have attached itself to you instead of haunting the house.Blac... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by DieChecker on 15 September, 2017, 8:25
Creepy. Gave me the chills. Sightings of strange dogs, especially at night, and usually black dogs, are often considered forewarning of a family death. Often a grandparent that was very close.

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