Friday, April 20, 2018
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We saw the same thing!

Posted on 6-10-2017 | Comment icon 0 comments

By: Kaleigh | Location: Pooler, GA

When I was about 8, my best friend moved into the house behind me. It was a huge house built in 1980. When they first moved in, my friend still slept with her parents, and on the first night of staying in the house, they were all laying in bed, and they heard footsteps in the attic above the room.

So her dad got up, pulled down the ladder for the attic, and looked up there with a flashlight - nothing. This happened on and off for years. About a month later, only my friend and her mom were home & they were upstairs getting ready to leave to go somewhere. They had a piano downstairs, and they heard a few keys hit lightly a few times. They thought it was the cat, but looked over at the bed and there the cat was.

I always felt kinda freaked out if I was one of the only ones awake after everyone else had gone to sleep when I was there. I hated going downstairs by myself, etc. anyway, I was staying over one night, and my friend had gotten up to go sleep in her moms bed (by this time her parents were divorced). I woke up when she left but fell right back to sleep.

Later that night, I jumped out of my sleep. I could move, but lord I didn't want to. I saw what looked like a lady dressed in a white gown standing in the doorway. I closed my eyes hoping it would go away and when I opened them, she was still there. But it wasn't like a person, I could kind of see through her!

She had long dark wavy hair, and the gown was about calf length. It looked like a nightgown. And she was just standing there, looking. I rolled over in the opposite direction and squeezed my eyes shut begging it to go away because I was scared! Eventually she did, and I ran across down the hall and hopped in the bed with my friend and her mom. I NEVER spoke about that story to my friend or anyone because I honestly thought I was seeing things or crazy.

That was until about two years ago, I was visiting and somehow we got on the subject of ghosts. And she laughed and was like "yeah, ever since we moved here there's always been a presence in that corner by my TV. One day I felt like someone was watching me and I looked over and there was seriously a lady in a white dress." I looked at her and my jaw dropped. I asked about her hair color and dress length and her description matched mine. I wasn't crazy after all!

She said she never felt threatened, just creeped out. I've tried to do research on the house. They don't live there anymore. But I haven't been able to find ANYTHING. I'm starting to wonder if it wasn't the house that something occurred on but more of the land or something. Crazy! The home is in a fairly large neighborhood from when Pooler just began to expand their residential area (it's blown up now).

Crazy stuff. Still would like to know what was up with that though!!

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