Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Grandpa's visit

Posted on 4-14-2017 | Comment icon 0 comments

By: ScaredyCat | Location: Portugal

I have an experience that I would really like to share with you, and I am open to every kind of opinion. Although I was only 4 years old when my maternal grandfather was killed in a hit and run accident I can still remember every detail of that fateful night, probably because I was his only granddaughter and he spent his free time with me, we created a very special bond and those memories are still very vivid in my mind. My grandparents lived with us (my parents and me), and after my grandfather's death I grew very attached to my granny.

On to the story now, when I was younger my mom had a very pleasant way to wake me up (I was around 11 when it happened), she would come to my room and start gentely touching my hair and say that it was time to wake up. One Sunday morning, I woke up and turned my TV on to assist cartoons, a few minutes later I heard my parents and realised they were up and getting ready to go to church. As I heard my mom heading towards the bathroom and started talking to my dad, and me being a small brat, pretended to be asleep expecting my parents to pity me and reconsider taking me with them. So I stood very still, eyes closed listening to the cartoons on my TV at the same time.

Suddenly, I heard my door opening, footsteps coming around the bed that stopped by my side. Then I felt the touch on my hair, but there was no "time to wake up" this time. Feeling a bit odd because there was no sound after this, I quickly opened my eyes and my mom was nowhere to be found... and I could still hear my parents talking! I thought it was strange and was a little intrigued but still thought my mom had come to my room and I just missed her. To avoid being told off, I decided to get up, get ready and leave with my parents and granny to the church.

On our way there, I asked my mom why she had "woke me up" without saying anything and how she got out of the room so fast, she gave me a confused look and said she didn't go there because she saw me getting up and getting ready! Then I asked my dad, he said the same thing... Then my granny, and she said she got up very early (like usual) and didn't go to the upper floor after getting up. My mom asked what was that all questioning about and I replied that I must have dreamt it. Of course I knew better...

The funny thing is, right after that the thought of my grandfather just popped out in my head and I had this overwhelming feeling come over me! I didn't feel scared, actually the thought of having him visiting made me very happy.

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