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True Ghost Stories

Haunted farmhouse

September 28, 2015 | Comment icon 0 comments

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Susanne Maeder
This story was submitted to the site by Pablo from Cuaque, Ecuador.
As a bulldozer driver my work is mostly done in the countryside. I was sent to this farm to make an "albarrada" ( to landscape the ground in such a way that it collects rain water. ) Me and my fellow helper were told to sleep the night in a house not far from the site - we nodded in agreement - unaware of the haunted history of the property. Locals told us to be careful for nobody dares to spend the night in that house due to it being haunted by an evil entity.

The house was unoccupied and the story goes that late at night this entity holds the victim and paralyzes him/her for a long while, a horrible experience. But we had no option, either sleep in that house or sleep outside in the open. So I got hold of a couple of mirrors and placed one right at the entrance door of the house and the other on the wall by our beds. Next to this house there was a "corral" - a fenced enclosure where cattle ( about 30 of them ) were kept overnight.
Late that night we were expecting something to happen, indeed after 12 midnight we hear the steps of someone approaching the house and sensed that somebody was walking upstairs. Apparently this entity saw himself in the mirror and he didn't seem to like his own image - so much so that the house shook and a whistling wind blew furiously. The 30 cattle stampeded loudly, broke the fence and ran. The owner from the distance heard it all and with a torch he could see the cows running with their tails behind them.

We heard months later that the house is now safe to sleep in - the entity has not returned.

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