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Ghost following me

September 18, 2020 | Comment icon 15 comments
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This story was submitted to the site by Countryolive from Iowa.
When I was 13 I went into a very well known haunted house with a tour group. There was known child activity so I had taken a light up toy to interact with the spirits. It didn't take long before I was interacting with a child spirit. I told my mother before I left that I felt sorry for the child spirit and I wished I could take them out of the house because I didn't like them being stuck there.

I went on with my life. Things would happen that I couldn't explain. But it was nothing big. When I turned 19 I got my first real job at a care facility. The first two years I worked there, nothing extraordinary happened. Then one night as I was goofing off with a coworker I started to randomly sing I'm a little tea pot. But I didn't finish the full song. But a little girls voice did finish it. Loud and clear and both my coworker and I heard it. Soon after that the little girl became very active. We would hear her playing in the hallway and a couple times we would see her. And it wasn't just me and the other coworker I had been working with that night. It had been at least 4 other staff who had seen her.

I ended up going to another job at a nursing home, not thinking much about the little girl. There was one resident who would always talk to some one I couldn't see when I was in her room. (Other staff mentioned she didn't do it unless I was there) one day the resident told me it was so nice of me to bring my little sister to work with me. So I started to get curious and ask her questions. She described the little girl as the same ghost child that I had seen at my previous job. So later that night I called my old coworkers to ask about the activity and they said it had been quiet.

That night I woke up to my dog (who had no aggressive behavior in their bones) standing over me protectively as she stared at my open bedroom door. And there stood the little girl. Clear as day. Before I would only get glimpses. But this time she was full body as if she was an actual person standing in my doorway. She smiled at me, then giggled and ran away. I quickly got out of my bed to see where she had gone. But there was no sign of her. And I know it couldn't have been some random child who had found it's way into my apartment. There was no one else in my house and no way to escape with out me noticing. The apartment was small, but large enough that if the child had run for the door, I would have seen them leave.

For the next 3 years the same resident would have conversations with my "sister" and a few other residents also mentioned my "sister". I never engaged with the spirit just let her be. Every once in a while she would let me know she was there. Playing with the lights, her favorite thing is playing with water. But any way I just went on with life even though I knew she was there. But when I left the nursing home, I did make a request. I asked her to stay with the woman who had originally seen her. The woman had no family left and was always so lonely but always seemed excited to see my "sister."

I didn't know if it worked. I never asked my old coworkers if she had stayed or not. But I didn't notice things happening that the little girl would do.

When I was 25 I ended up in a bad relationship. I ended up getting pregnant and coming home to live with my parents. Now my parents have two homes. And both could be considered haunted. My dad is very sensitive and always makes a deal with spirits in the home. That he wont get rid of them as long as they don't harm us. So the house I grew up in had an old farmer who has only shown himself a couple times. The other house that my parents remodeled has a woman who had once babysat my dad. She is very active but it isn't bad. Just letting us know that she is around. Where I am going with this is that I live in my childhood home. The activity was slim to none till after I had my son.

I would notice the things that the little girl used to do started happening again. And my son, still a small baby, would watch something move around him. As he got older the activity died down so I thought little of it. Thinking maybe it was a family member coming to say hi.
When my son was 2 I got a job at a daycare. This daycare had once been a funeral home and had activity from the start. To the point a boss had the place smudged. It didn't get rid of all the activity though. In the baby room that I worked in, there was a toy that would sing when touch activated. I don't know why buy it was a favorite of mine and I would use it to play with the babies almost every day. Till it started to sing on it's own. The song was getting a bit annoying because it would go off multiple times a day. So we opened the back to check the batteries to find that it had never had batteries at all. My coworker quickly put the toy away. And we didn't talk about it again. But other coworkers would talk about all the activities they experienced. But one thing always stuck out to me. The water would randomly turn on in the room my son was in and that toy only worked when I had been around. I left the daycare for a short time to help a friend out with their restaurant, but my son stayed in the same daycare.

One day, his teacher informed me that he and another little boy had become close, but they wouldn't play with other children. But they always mentioned the same name. So she asked me if there was some kind of show that had a lead character named Ina. I had never heard of it. And soon it was forgotten.

That was till I went back a year later. I wasn't in the baby room any more, but worked as a preschool teacher assistant. That's when I noticed my son was still playing by himself. When I asked him why he said he wasn't alone. Ina played with him. I figured he had an imaginary friend. The name seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite place why.

A year later my son was in my preschool class. I had moved from an assistant to the lead teacher and was having issues with another coworker that worked in a room downstairs. She had left for the night but I would hear some one down in her room so I went to check to make sure a child hadn't been left behind. The coworker was very organized and OCD, but when I walked down stairs her room was a disaster. As if a child had a tantrum and had thrown things around the room. And that is when I saw her. The same little girl I had seen so many times. She looked up at me and said "That teacher is mean to you."

She was then gone. As if she hadn't been standing right in front of me. I quickly got the room picked up and asked her not to destroy the room again. Out of curiosity I contacted an old coworker from the nursing home and asked how the one resident was doing. I was then informed that she had passed away a few months after my son was born, but she would still talk to some one up till her last day.

After that, if I ever had a disagreement with a staff member, the activity around them became scarier. Or new staff would come to me with white faces explaining some unexplained occurrence happened to them. I got a new assistant after the last one refused to come back and never explained why. That is when I witnessed what was going on to nee staff. My assistant went into the craft closet and supplies few out at her. Nothing dangerous. But scary none the less. Later that day when the kids where gone I sat down with the staff member and talked to the little girl. I introduced her to my assistant and asked her to play nice. The toy with no batteries started to sing right after that. But the assistant never had an issue after that.

I also started to notice that when I drove past my job there and looked up at the big windows. The little girl would be standing there and would wave. I was curious to see if it was just me who would see this so I took a few friends by my job. As I did, they all seemed to pail. And I asked them what they saw individually and away from each other when we got home. They all described the little girl. One friend was very into the paranormal and started to ask me questions. So I told her about all the experiences I had encountered and how this little girl seemed to keep showing up at my jobs. Its then that I mentioned my son's imaginary friend Ina. This peeked my friends interest so she brought up some information on the local haunted house and showed me a photo of a girl. I couldn't believe it. It was the little girl I had been seeing. She then showed me the information below the photo. Her name had been Ina. And she had been murdered in that local haunted house I had visited.

I was a bit shocked but it was more of the fact that this child had been following me since I was 13 years old. I am now 30 years old and I had asked Ina to watch over the daycare and the children when I had left a year ago. My boss said there were a few incidents but nothing bad.

Just tonight, before I started to write this, I saw Ina again. But something feels different. It felt like she was hiding from me. I have always seen her straight on or out of the corner of my eye, but tonight I saw her through a mirror. It was unnerving. I feel like she is angry with me. And I am unsure what to do about it.

Comments (15)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
Hum, seems if this was legit the victim could let countyolive know who the killer was and hauntings and channeling and ghosts would be very close to proven.
Comment icon #7 Posted by ChrLzs 3 years ago
I prefer to think that these things are in the eye/mind of the beholder.    
Comment icon #8 Posted by ted hughes 3 years ago
We are so near yet so far! Revealing knowledge like that would be pretty compelling.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Brandy333 3 years ago
Very interesting story, thanks for sharing it.
Comment icon #10 Posted by SalsidoParanormal 3 years ago
Very interesting. Having gone through my own paranormal experiences, I am of the opinion that anything is possible, and that just because there aren't a lot of names and dates and facts in a story, doesn't mean it can't be true. I feel like when we're going through these strange experiences, such details may slip our minds at the time, as we're just trying to figure out what's going on. Same with the question that people will ask experiencers of UFOs or anything paranormal in general; "Why didn't you take a picture?" Well, depending on the person, it could be that they were so afraid, or surpr... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by Eil44 11 months ago
Hi there, I'm interested to know if Ina is still following you and what happened? It sounds like the little girl attached to you as you maybe made her feel safe and seen. Often they just want to be acknowledged/cleared. When people die of trauma, they do not know they are dead and they cant cross over clearly. You could get some sage, say a prayer, tell her she need to cross over and go into the light.  Poor wee girl will be lost and lonely.  If ghosts attach to you, clear them on. 
Comment icon #12 Posted by Countryolive 11 months ago
So here is an update, yes Ina is still following me. After I reread the original post a few new things have come to light. It was not Ina who I had seen hiding from me, but something malicious that had taken her form. I was fighting with depression pretty bad that month, and I believe something negative had attached itself to me.  One reason I know that it wasn't Ina, is because she showed herself at the restaurant I worked at the next day. She was turning on water, messing with the lights, and swinging the door to the electrical box back and forth. (The door is very rusted and does not move ... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by openozy 11 months ago
I used to think earth bound spirits should be sent over but there are greater powers than us that control or decide when this is right I feel. It is hard knowing if the innocent spirit really is what it makes out to be though, it is often not what it seems.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Hankenhunter 11 months ago
I guess if it's not harming anyone, and is genuinely friendly, and happy, trying to forcing them out may cause more problems than it's worth. But if things start to get nasty, then out you go.  Perhaps his spirit is a guide, or guardian spirit?
Comment icon #15 Posted by openozy 11 months ago
That's what I think Hank, I didn't like the sound of this throwing something at them, like it has some sort of power over them. I keep changing my opinion about this stuff the more I learn, it's like a journey that never ends, lol.

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