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I didn't move my blankets

June 25, 2019 | Comment icon 4 comments

Image Credit: YouTube / Mike Pike
This story was submitted to the site by Lo from Spring, TX.
Ok so, a bit of backstory here: I've always been in love with the occult and mysteries, so I wasn't too scared, but this is the first time something so odd has happened to me that I just can't seem to explain. I do experience insomnia at times, but I've never had any history nor family history of sleep walking.

At night, I fell asleep with my blankets pulled up to my chin.

I woke up a minute before my alarm trembling a little. I had just woke up, so the cold feeling didn't really register until a few minutes later. As i gained more consciousness, I realized that something was off. I had felt nice and warm in bed, so why was I cold now? I opened my eyes wide and turned on my lights- all of my blankets and my damn mattress sheet were hanging on a chair at the other end of my room.

The sight didn't freak me out at first, I'll admit: my grandma usually comes into my room unannounced to clean or get something, so even though her taking off all of my bed sheets and mattress sheet was very odd ( especially since it had to have been around 3 am.. ), it wasn't impossible. Besides, if she did it she probably had a good reason to.

So, I got ready for the day and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast before I went out to start my day. My grandmother was there already and she spoke to me first. She asked me why it was that when she passed by my room that she saw all of my blankets and mattress sheet on the chair, she asked me why I would do something so random. I got uncomfortable and raised my brow, then told her that I thought she was the one who did that.

She looked bewildered and said that she had been asleep since 9pm and that she wouldn't do something so ridiculous, especially since my bed and sheets were both clean. She thought I was making this up and I convinced her I wasn't, so she sighed and just told me to pray.
I have absolutely no recollection of getting up at night at all. I even took a moment to go through my memories and my last waking memory was of when i tucked myself in and went to sleep after putting my phone down.

So yeah, i felt spooked.

The thing is, my bed is against the wall. My sheets are always tucked in very tightly, so someone has to go through a LOT of effort to remove my mattress sheet and two blankets, especially because they're pressed against the wall.

And they'd have to go past my body to do that.

I'm no light sleeper, but even that would have woken me up.

My only suspect was my grandma, but now that she proved herself innocent I feel so uneased and at a loss.

The thought of sleeping in my room tonight and looking at that chair scares me. Was this a poltergeist or something? Should I get a camera and record the next night to see what happens?

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Comment icon #1 Posted by jowasmus 5 years ago
Any noise can wake me up easily, so I guess I am a light sleeper. It's also not uncommon for me to toss & turn & wake up at various times of the night. I usually pull my shirt off when I get hot, but as many times as not, I wake up without a shirt & no memory of doing it. I wouldn't let it worry you. It's not like you had any scratches or pain of any kind.
Comment icon #2 Posted by preacherman76 4 years ago
Anything happen since?
Comment icon #3 Posted by pixiii 4 years ago
Sometimes, I feel like the people who write these stories, specifically create them and don't reply immediately, to keep us in suspense!   
Comment icon #4 Posted by Manwon Lender 4 years ago
Another mystery who done it. Sometimes we all have restless nights, it could be that, but who knows for certain.

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