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Bitten by a spirit?...true story

June 15, 2019 | Comment icon 3 comments

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This story was submitted to the site by Kris from Dallas, Tx.
About 3 years ago I experienced something that I could never have imagined, and can still not explain. If my boyfriend had not been watching me, and been able to snap a picture, I would have been convinced that I had gone completely see, I was bitten by a the broad daylight, while awake, while showering. Why was my boyfriend watching me shower, you ask? I'll take you back a little for the sake of context. Here goes.

I moved in with D, my boyfriend, into a three story townhouse in which he had lived for about five years. The complex was older, but the designs and layouts were cool, and the space he had for the price was an awesome find in Dallas. He had two full floors, and a third story loft, reached by a cool built in ladder that looked out over the second floor.The loft was mostly unused, except for storage, so no one ever really went up there.

D had a good laugh telling me that he had a ghost up there, but not to be afraid, cause it was a nice ghost and never meant any harm, and if I heard any bumps in the night, not to worry. I laughed it off, and never gave it a second thought..until. I had been living there a few months, maybe 4 months, when it got a lil odd. We had been painting, rearranging, clearing out junk, and the place was taking on a new feel. D was happy about the changes, and so was I...except. well, I began to feel different about the place. I started to get creeped out whenever I was alone in the house, even if D was simply on another was as if the more changes we made to make the house comfortable, the more unsettled I felt.

I began having vividly realistic night terrors, and sleep paralysis, and became anxious about going to bed. I even became oddly adverse to going downstairs alone, and D had to accompany me down and wait even if I was just going out the front door. He never complained or said no. He just encouraged me to talk to my therapist and was patient. He is still that way, and I love him for it. I also became increasingly aware of the loft, as if i was being watched from up there any time I was on the second floor.

I felt nuts. D said the same as my therapist.that I was simply exhausted and suffering from sleep deprivation. I knew they must be right...the feelings faded away after a month or so. Until the night before I was to leave on a trip to Austin with my sister. We ordered pizza and pigged out while watching "The Preachers Wife" and fell asleep on the sofa. I awoke at about 3:30am, and went to the bathroom. When I came out I noticed the huge mess we made. I didn't want to leave in the morning with a big mess there, so I gathered up the trash and dishes, and decided I'd take it all down to the kitchen.
Suddenly the dread returned. I was aware if the fact that I did not want to go down alone, but I also didn't wanna wake D. I told myself I was being dumb, and this was ridiculous and I did not want to go back to this craziness. Do I steadied myself, and went down, turning on every light on my way. I dumped the trash, and went to the sink to wash the glasses and plates. Standing at the sink meant my back was turned to the entire first floor, but I brushed it off. I began rinsing and scrubbing and humming and singing gospel songs from the movie.

When I heard the floor boards above me creaking, I knew D had gotten up to pee lol, and soon he would be down to find out where I was. As I said it was an old house, and the floors up there creaked anytime they were walked in, so we were both used to it. I was just finishing the last plate when D reached out and touched my shoulder. I jumped, and spun around to say "what the hell baby, I didn't hear you come down the stairs", But the words stuck in my throat...D was not there, no one was there...I was alone.

I threw the place down and ran up the stairs in a panic screaming and crying, shaking D awake...because he was still asleep exactly where I'd left him. He awoke and immediately started calming me down, or trying to until I could tell him what was wrong. He held me tightly, and told me it was a dream, I must have been sleepwalking, and said he had never gotten up off the sofa. I was in a panic, but he finally got me to stop shaking, and I laid in his arms until the sun came up.

It was time to get ready for the day, my sister would be arriving soon. I was to scared to go shower alone, so I woke D up. He pulled a chair over to the door, and sat scrolling through his phone, and watching me;my own personal ghost guard. I was reaching up to rinse out my hair, when I felt a sharp burning bite or sting on my back. It was painful, and I shrieked loud and almost fell out of the damn tub...D of course caught me. I was crying and screaming, and he was trying to find out what the matter was. I ran to the mirror asking him if he saw anything as I could not. However, in the mirror, I saw D looking perplexed. "What is it?" I screamed ...he didn't answer, just snapped a photo with his phone and showed it to me. I was horrified. There on my back, was what we both agreed looked like a large bite mark...a human bite mark.

He changed his mind about going on the trip with me, and we both packed and went outside to wait for my sister. When we returned we prepared to move quickly, withe sleeping at my sister's house almost every night until we did. I don't know what or why or how, but it happened, and I have never experienced anything like it before or since. I no longer struggle too much with my dreams, just from time to time...D is still my brave, patient baby. However, we both would like to know what happened exactly, or why. It still makes me shiver to think of it.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 5 years ago
Well written ghost story but it could have been shortened by omitting some of the unimportant details. This all seems to follow some common patterns; older house, renovations, new person on scene, unexplained bites or scratches, etcetera. Papameter: 75% Paranormal    25% Hoax story or all natural phenomena
Comment icon #2 Posted by XenoFish 5 years ago
What a boring story. I mean saying a "ghost" bit her is a good way to cover up cheating. It's a possibility. 
Comment icon #3 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 5 years ago
I really wonder if the subconscious can - without you knowing it, make such marks on the body.   Not sure about this one. One minor incident doesn't make for a concern, imo

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