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Is there a psychic connection between twins ?

Posted on Thursday, 24 May, 2012 | Comment icon 19 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: stockxpert

Identical twins Craig and Brenton Gurney believe they share a unique extra-sensory connection.

The twins have remained very close since they were children, so close in fact that one twin can sense when the other is experiencing problems. From over 2700km away Craig once correctly sensed that his brother was suffering from a life-threatening rash, and again was aware when he'd dislocated his shoulder.

This metaphysical connection between them would later prove to be a life-saver when Brenton started to experience unexplained headaches. Convincing his brother to take part in a study which involved an MRI scan, they were surprised to discover that Craig was suffering from a rare tumor on the base of his skull. "Ultimately Brenton saved my life," he said.

"Identical twins Craig and Brenton Gurney, 38, were inseparable as children, shared a bedroom until they were 22, and have played in the same soccer team since they were five."

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 Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #10 Posted by Timonthy on 24 May, 2012, 23:58
I'm sorry mate but what do you mean by the above comment,You can't have 1.3 of a person ????? What about Yao Ming? He's at least 1.5 humans! I'm an identical twin. My brother and I have had lots of experiences. Mainly when I think about him he calls. Or I'll know he's calling before answering the phone. That just sounds like you'd be thinking of him subconsciously and then when he calls, it registers consciously and you're like 'whoa I knew you were going to call'. That happens with my sister but I think it's pretty standard... Can you give some other examples please?
Comment icon #11 Posted by thalassinus on 25 May, 2012, 12:25
the link does not work.... also im a twin.... and i can say never felt anything.....ever.... so..yeah.
Comment icon #12 Posted by csspwns on 26 May, 2012, 2:45
wow tats cool! but the twins i knew were never tat cool T_T
Comment icon #13 Posted by Lava_Lady on 29 May, 2012, 2:43
Just because one set of twins doesn't experience any connection doesn't mean that the others are making it up or imagining things. You don't have to be twins to heave that connection but I think they probably have a higher chance of it.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Mr Right Wing on 30 May, 2012, 12:06
I'm an identical twin. My brother and I have had lots of experiences. Mainly when I think about him he calls. Or I'll know he's calling before answering the phone. It's believe that the frequecies of the brains of twins are on the same waves. So one transmits the thought the other picks it up. Interesting to say the least. Been living it for almost 50 yrs now. Hi, have you ever read any Quantum Mechanics? I shall run you through witchcraft first. In the Middle Ages they believed two objects could be linked together so that what happend to one happened to the other no matter how far apart they ... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by sandcat on 31 May, 2012, 1:37
I asked my 16 year old twins if they share a psychic connection and they laughed and said no, they are not mirror image twins and they do look a little different(although nobody can tell them apart) but ive seen shows about twins that do have a psychic connection, very interesting
Comment icon #16 Posted by dbrokerr on 31 May, 2012, 8:22
Quantum Entanglement
Comment icon #17 Posted by NineLives on 11 August, 2012, 15:19
I am a twin and we definately have esp with each other. When we see each other we dont even have to ask how the other is because we just know every single emotion the other is feeling. When she was pregnant, my stomach was also large, to the point that everyone started asking me if i was pregnant. When she went into labour i knew because i felt her labour pains. This is going to sound really bizarre but at times i even knew when she was having a sex. And we always end up doing the same things at the same time. I would speak to her on the phone and ask her what she was doing the night before, a... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by TheEVPman on 12 August, 2012, 18:56
I'm an identical twin. Many times my brother would call me when I thought about him and the otherway around..When I was studying Parapsychology. I recall seeing something about twins, I believe more particular with identical twins. Their brainwave being on the same frequencies. So this could account for the telepathy experiences.
Comment icon #19 Posted by SpectralEdge on 13 August, 2012, 5:38
I have twin sister in laws, they constantly do things that can't be explained, I saw them this weekend and they signed a guest book on different pages with the exact same thing. When I asked they laughed and said they had not planned it that way but they do things like that all the time. Not sure if it is esp, but it is certainly something.

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