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  Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

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The ghost held me down

Posted on Saturday, 14 November, 2009 | 2 comments
Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

Tonight I was supposed to bless a home in Tracy. That appointment was canceled. Let me tell you a bit about the Tracy case before I talk about the Sacramento case in which a ghost actually held me down. You are probably wondering..."what is Paul saying? Is he actually saying he was held down by a ghost?" My answer to you is that I believe I was I kid you not. The Tracy case is quite strange. The occupant of the residence says that red gooey goblets form all over her home. The red goblets have no point of origin, it's as if they are created from nothingness and just appear all over the house. The occupant says that some of the red goblets take on the shape of a male organ and when she takes a picture of the goblet, there are faces in the goblets. I have seen pictures of the goblets and I could not make out any faces in the goblets, nor could I determine what the goblets were made of from just a picture.

Anyway, she canceled the blessing, because she said there has been no paranormal activity in her home. Besides the red goblets, other paranormal activity are hearing ghostly footsteps, doors slamming, items being moved around, etc.

As long as the occupant feels comfortable with her home and she feels no immediate threat, I will not pursue a blessing with her. I cannot determine if her claims have any foundation of truth, due to her canceling the investigation/blessing. I have another blessing and this blessing is a Sacramento home. I contact the occupant of the Sacramento home and ask him if he wants to schedule the blessing earlier. He accepts.

I went over to the occupant's home and discussed some of the problems that he is having with the entity or entities. Occupant tells me that dishes have been thrown around, cabinets open and close. A man's face appeared in the bathroom mirror. When I started talking about blessing the home, my arms felt like they were stuck to the couch. For a period of 20 seconds I could not move my arms or hands, I felt a strong pressure holding them down. I yelled "okay, I am impressed, let my arms go!" Right after that, my arms were released. Another oddity is I brought along my two dogs HPI and Pika. HPI and Pika would not enter one room of the house. This room is a spare bedroom. The other oddity is Pika was behind a sliding glass door in the backyard and when I turned my back, he was now inside the home and the sliding door was not open. It was as if Pika teleported through the window from the outside to the inside.

I cannot give you many details on the location or history of the house or I could break the confidentiality of the occupant. I conducted my blessing of this strange home and I pray that I sent the entity or entities to the light. During my investigation of this home, I obtained no EVPs and photographs taken displayed orb activity. Orb activity is not confirmation of paranormal activity. The two oddest things that happened this night are the Pika teleportation through a sliding door incident. Could it be that the image of Pika was created by the entity to have me believing that Pika was outside, when all along Pika was inside? My hands and arms being held down were very odd. There have been cases where people felt their hands pressed up against a wall or that their bodies were being held down in their beds by bed sheets. Did I actually experience the paranormal, or did I experience something that can be medically explained?

Do I think this home in Sacramento is haunted? I do believe something very strange is taking place at this home. The last time I talked to the occupant, he said that his home felt 'clean'. He is not experiencing any more paranormal activity. I hope it stays that way.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Shannon McCabe's HPI Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International

Article Copyright© Paul Dale Roberts - reproduced with permission.

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