Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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  Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

Image credit: NASA

In the beginning...

Posted on Tuesday, 8 March, 2011 | 3 comments
Columnist: Tammy A. Branom

I like to write cyclic fiction stories. By that, I mean that how I end a story is to circle it back to the beginning, using many of the same words and scenes from the very beginning. The way I look at the end is at least as important as the beginning. Being that as it is, my cyclic nature often times gives me thoughts on how the end of one thing brings about the beginning of something else.

Hence, our world; our civilization.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. But, who is God? Well, this particular God is most likely science or at the very least, science-oriented. Whoís to say our vast universe is nothing more than a cell in Godís brain? After all, the map of the known universe sure does resemble brain synapse. But, thatís another story....

So, letís bring on Ancient Astronaut Theory and the thought that our civilization had help from aliens visiting our planet long ago. Aliens supposedly helped us to speak, draw, build, and make contact with the great beyond (wherever you want to perceive that). According to these theories, humankind made a drastic leap of advancement all around the world at approximately the same time, and every civilization has a story of at least one ďgodĒ coming to them and teaching them very important ideas and lessons.

In the bible, there are fallen angels. The Book of Enoch says the fallen angels taught humans various things. Apparently, this was a bad thing because God didnít like that so much and cast them all out of heaven as punishment for interfering. Oh, and letís not forget that God dismembered the serpent in the Garden of Eden for encouraging Eve (and hence Adam) to ďeat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.Ē Obviously, God didnít like that interference either.

Hmmmm. Does God have an ego problem? Or, did he just want us to be stupid so we would be nothing more than servants? Anyway...

Similarities between ancient astronauts and fallen angels is uncanny to say the least. It would seem evident that someone (or something) liked the humans enough to educate them.

I want to bring up end-of-world scenarios here. Although called end-of-the-world, they really arenít. The world doesnít cease to exist, humankind does, or at least the majority of humans. With that, thereís the Mayan prophecy (which is so popular right now), Nostradamusí prophecies, Native American (most all) predictions, Christian beliefs, and many more. Most all of them have similar events lined out. Global catastrophes followed by ďgodsĒ or a ďgodĒ appearing to save a few and then a new earth and/or a new era. Thatís my simple, brief rundown. Now, what happens when the gods appear seems to ring of alien arrival. Various descriptions of method of travel always include a whirlwind, sound (thunderous), and bright light.

This got me to thinking. Since I also read a lot of science and technology magazines, and I of course watch a lot of science fiction, I saw a resemblance in the end-of-life scenarios and something else.

Time disruption and/or time travel.

According to scientific postulations, if time and space were to become warped, the effects would be virtually catastrophic. The ripple effect could and quite possibly would span the entire planet setting off disastrous natural cataclysms of prophetic proportions. So, here we have step one. Maybe thereís already a disruption on a smaller scale occurring, and perhaps this is why we have the increase of natural disasters. Just a thought.

But, now to my point. Letís say something like, CERN, the large caldron collider, creates something no one planned on. Letís say one of those black holes does escape. I donít know...Iím just using CERN as the example. Humans have been and still are experimenting with subatomic manipulation for a long time now. Look at Hitler. He almost had the atomic bomb. We only have it because of the Germans who worked on it and we brought them here after the war. They gave us that information in exchange for asylum and horrible war crimes forgiveness.

And then we drop the damn thing. Nonetheless, scientists continue to manipulate subatomic particles for whatever purposes. So, letís imagine that gets away from us and letís imagine it warps time and space.

A couple more tidbits before a full imagining....

According to Einstein, time and space becomes warped around large bodies, like earth. (This also brings up my other idea that dimensional beings live with us on earth). According to postulations of deep space travel ships, time and space would need to be warped around a ship in order for it to travel the vast distances of the universe and therefore reducing the time toll on its occupants. So, now letís imagine that thereís that disaster and a scientific experiment gets out of hand. I donít see this as too far out to envision. Now, letís say that scientists say that it will grow exponentially, engulfing our planet within, oh letís give us the benefit of the doubt and say months, so all the power-people (people with money, smarts) call Virgin Galactic and he slaps together a ship to save the necessary people. Or if thatís too outlandish, letís say the government protocols take effect and the powerful and scientists go underground to the facilities designed to save them all from complete nuclear annihilation. To me, either is feasible in this day and technological age. For that matter, I can clearly imagine BOTH happening. So, now, letís imagine that the subatomic particle disaster is in full swing. The ships to save the ďimportant peopleĒ take off and the ďimportant peopleĒ go underground. The ripple effect hurtles the ship(s) into a time/space vortex and the entire planet becomes shrouded in a time/space vortex taking those underground into never-never land.

I hope youíre still with me here.

After some time, letís say the vortex does something else and dies out or slows down or we just donít know what the hell happened to it. The people in the ships come down, the people underground emerge, just like in many ďcreationĒ myths. Whatever time these people come out, they realize they need to rebuild WITHOUT their electronics and tools of modern times. There arenít many of them left. Some have perished in the ripple, some never made it into the shelters or escape ships. So, some set out to find others only to find simple peoples. Our people teach the peoples they find how to do things--give them knowledge. Our people find these local people exotic and attractive and take mates of them.

We essentially become our own prophecies.

So, who is the god who punishes them? Well, not every civilization says the teachers are punished. Only Christianity, really. But, letís imagine someone who is appointed the leader on board the ships or in the underground facilities. Letís say these leaders donít think anyone should interfere with the humans. So, these leaders dish out punishments to those they catch who do what they want. Very human in my mind.

My point to all this rambling? Our end becomes our own beginning because the vortex took us back in time, dumping us out in various spots in time itself. From then on, we canít help but be human--in all of our beauty and our ugly, in our glory and power, AMEN. Essentially, we were, we are, and we forever shall be all because of and in the name of scientific discovery. In the ending, there was a beginning.

I wonder if I should contact Michio Kaiku....or just Jesse Ventura...

Article Copyright© Tammy A. Branom - reproduced with permission.

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