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  Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

Image credit: Paul Dale Roberts

A haunting in Orangevale

Posted on Wednesday, 2 November, 2011 | 0 comments
Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts

The house is a Victorian house, over 100 years old. One of the first homes built in Orangevale. Animals haunt the property. It was possibly a slaughterhouse. A kid was shot by his uncle and died by a tree. An older gentleman haunts the place and a ghostly cat is seen. The occupants are touched and poked by the entities. The older gentleman entity is known as Mr. B or Mr. Bartholomew. The kid that was shot by the tree, his name is Virgil, died at the age of 19.

HPI Paranormal Investigators that are present: Paul Dale Roberts – HPI General Manager; Bob Steele, Lisa Steele/Psychic, Kareen & Jesse Peevyhouse; John Shue – Videographer, Regina Tellez, Judy Raderchak, Deanna Bailey, Karen Stanley.

Occupants: Elena and John Glass. Marissa & Elizabeth Glass.

Visitors: Tony Lopez of Channel 13 News and Karl Lemon / Videographer.

We did a preliminary investigation at this home with Channel 3 News – Walt Gray. Tonight we are doing an investigation with Channel 13 / Good Day Sacramento. Tonight the investigation is a little more relaxed, because of the news crew. We are still getting good evidence. Karen Stanley captured a bright yellow orb that is so bright it looks like the sun. Note: This was later debunked; it was a light from the neighboring house. We captured flash light communication with the entities right in front of the Channel 13 news. So far we have one EVP; it’s a male voice unintelligible. Lisa Steele, our psychic is able to follow Virgil around from the garage area to the upstairs bedroom. Virgil keeps avoiding us and does not want to be bothered. Judy Raderchak utilizing a ball captures on video an energy source that surrounds the ball, the energy source is seen following the curvation of the ball, as if the entity was trying to actually move the ball.

We are capturing mist (ectoplasm) and designer orb photos around the property, especially by the tree where Virgil collapsed from a gunshot wound.

After the news crew leaves, we are conducting 1 forty-five minute investigation. Kareen Peevyhouse will lead Team Flashlight and Judy Raderchak will lead Team Mr. B. We are covering two areas. One area is the backyard, garage. The other area is the complete interior of the house and front yard.

Kareen obtained only one orb by a tree that has a possible face inside the orb. No EVPs. Deanna and Koby both felt nauseated. Judy Raderchak/Researcher discover that the olive trees in the neighborhood are the original 1800 olive trees that once formed an orchard. Regina obtained an EVP that is unintelligible. I felt my chair rock back and forth on its own. Judy's team investigated Elizabeth's room, no EVPs, no anomalies in the photographs. Marissa Glass has a mirror that she always felt uncomfortable with and when the EMF Reader went around the mirror, it spiked completely around the mirror frame. Mirrors have been known throughout legend to be energy containment fields that can trap energy. There was good flashlight communication with Mr. B and the K2 meter seemed to laugh with it's blinking lights to the laughter of the investigators.

The most compelling evidence we captured was the video, where a stream of energy follows the curvation of the ball, when asked to move the ball. The flashlight communication captured by Channel 13. Two EVPs may be genuine, but must be analyzed further. Haunted? Most likely.

Article Copyright© Paul Dale Roberts - reproduced with permission.

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