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Stratosphere alien life claim gains momentum

Posted on Saturday, 21 September, 2013 | Comment icon 50 comments

The organisms are believed to have come from outer space. Image Credit: NASA

Scientists are more convinced than ever that they've found evidence of alien life in the stratosphere.

Last week we reported that British scientists had found strange organisms on the side of a high altitude balloon that at the time were being hailed as evidence of life arriving on Earth from space. Now scientists are claiming that their findings are more convincing than ever and believe that the organisms they've discovered are indeed of extraterrestrial origin.

Much of the research is focused on ruling out any possibility that these life forms could have got in to the stratosphere from the Earth's surface. "By all known information that science has, we know that they must be coming in from space," said Professor Milton Wainwright of Sheffield University. "There is no known mechanism by which these life forms can achieve that height. As far as we can tell from known physics, they must be incoming."

Because the samples were collected by a balloon that was sent up at the time of a meteorite shower originating from a comet, the team believes that this could be how the organisms are being distributed throughout the cosmos.

"We're very, very confident that these are biological entities originating from space," said Wainwright. "They're very unusual beasts, not your normal kind of life from earth."

While there's a long way to go before the scientific community as a whole will be convinced that what is being claimed is true, the discovery does offer a tantalizing glimpse at a discovery that could revolutionize our understanding of life and how it came to emerge on this planet.

"If we're right, it means that there's life in space, and it's coming to earth. It means that life on earth probably originated in space," said Wainwright. "Statistically, there's no reason why life should originate on earth."

Source: Independent | Comments (50)

Tags: Panspermia

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #41 Posted by Zeta Reticulum on 22 September, 2013, 8:32
No matter what the scientists say about this, all our experts on here will swear till they are black and blue that these life forms are from volcanoes erupting or whatever they can think of... anything except from space.
Comment icon #42 Posted by Esoteric Toad on 22 September, 2013, 9:34
And some will gobble up every bit of bad science that is out there without any question. I haven't seen anyone say it is completely impossible, only those that question the statements and lack of ruling out the obvious possible sources of containerization.
Comment icon #43 Posted by Esoteric Toad on 22 September, 2013, 11:58 did I miss that misspelling?? Too early to be awake I suppose
Comment icon #44 Posted by Kludge808 on 22 September, 2013, 20:38
Do you have references to substantiate this claim?
Comment icon #45 Posted by DONTEATUS on 22 September, 2013, 23:58
HAve you ever seen the rest rooms in out public places ? Lots of Alien Life in there ! I stay far away from them !
Comment icon #46 Posted by Kludge808 on 23 September, 2013, 11:10
This goes far toward explaining why the clean up crews wear HazMat suits.
Comment icon #47 Posted by White Unicorn on 23 September, 2013, 19:55
Liked the link to live science. When I think of the panspermia theories I remember reading in a science magazine that influenza actually came from a word meaning "star sickness" ancients believed that the meteorites or comets brought good things or plagues from the "gods". Theory of the article I read was that bacterias or viruses may actually come through the stratosphere from meteorites encouraging evolution changes or even spreading disease because of it being foreign to animals immune systems. I find it very exciting that we are actually seeing more scientific re... [More]
Comment icon #48 Posted by Space_Jockey on 24 September, 2013, 9:30
"There is absolutely no evidence that your misspelling wasn't caused by aliens, people canNOT possibly do that without some kind of extra terrestrial intervention" ~ Ancient Alien guy logic
Comment icon #49 Posted by hammerclaw on 26 September, 2013, 2:13
Let me get this straight. You find lifeforms on a balloon sent up 40,000 feet in the atmosphere of a planet teeming with life, and claim they are from outerspace? Occam's Razor makes short work this "strange" claim.
Comment icon #50 Posted by Future_Ikann on 3 October, 2013, 13:35
This makes me want to read Dragon Riders of Pern again. Still, panspermia may be possible. If it is, then all those reports of Red rain, Plague outbreaks, and the weird "jelly" rain would make more sense. I remember reading books as a kid in the 80s about weird things like that.

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