Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Stephen Hawking: 'there are no black holes'

Posted on Saturday, 25 January, 2014 | Comment icon 88 comments

Black holes have puzzled physicists for years. Image Credit: NASA / Alain Riazuelo
Prof Hawking has published a new paper suggesting that the accepted view about black holes is wrong.
Well known for his work on the subject, the world-famous physicist is attempting to reconcile the behavior of a black hole under both basic gravitational theory and quantum theory to produce a single unified system.

According to Hawking, under gravitational theory the event horizon of a black hole is such that nothing, not even light, can escape from it. Under a more recent quantum theory interpretation however, the event horizon of a black hole would instead be a seething mass of high-energy particles that would incinerate anything that it touched.

Combining these concepts, Hawking came up with the idea of an "apparent horizon" with no fixed boundary, while re-branding the term "black hole" to the less absolute "grey hole".

"The absence of event horizons means that there are no black holes – in the sense of regimes from which light can't escape to infinity," he wrote. "There are however apparent horizons which persist for a period of time. This suggests that black holes should be redefined as metastable bound states of the gravitational field."

Source: The Register | Comments (88)

Tags: Stephen Hawking, Black Hole

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #79 Posted by TheGreatBeliever on 8 February, 2014, 16:35
His theory on no god but aliens i believe. this one maybe not..
Comment icon #80 Posted by MyOtherAccount on 9 February, 2014, 12:44
Perhaps his next discovery will be, "There is no Hawking."
Comment icon #81 Posted by White Crane Feather on 10 February, 2014, 5:01
I'm pulling for a new universe itself. Accelerated implosion turns into accelerated expansion from the perspective on an insider.
Comment icon #82 Posted by Drayno on 10 February, 2014, 5:39
I have the urge to re-read 'A Brief History of Time' and insert [There are no Black Holes] every time he mentions them.
Comment icon #83 Posted by spacecowboy342 on 16 February, 2014, 11:36
Again, Hawking did not say there were no black holes.
Comment icon #84 Posted by toast on 16 February, 2014, 13:33
Feel urged to read the complete thread here.
Comment icon #85 Posted by psyche101 on 17 February, 2014, 2:32
How do people keep missing that?
Comment icon #86 Posted by psyche101 on 17 February, 2014, 2:33
What's wrong with the hypothetical scenario of hostile aliens? What does evolution drive creatures to do? Attain top predator, and that results in violence quite often.
Comment icon #87 Posted by spacecowboy342 on 17 February, 2014, 2:38
I don't know, but a better question might be, why is it that no news source can ever find a reporter that actually understands the basics of science to report on science stories?
Comment icon #88 Posted by The Id3al Experience on 17 February, 2014, 3:01
Because reporters only requirement for the job is.... Can you lie!

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