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AI passes Turing Test for the first time

Posted on Sunday, 8 June, 2014 | Comment icon 28 comments

AI software is becoming increasingly complex. Image Credit:

A Russian artificial intelligence has become the first program in the world to pass the test.

The Turing Test was devised by mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing who stipulated that in order to be considered intelligent a computer program must be able to fool at least 30% of its users in to believing that they are having a conversation with a real human being.

Many programmers have attempted to produce a program capable of accomplishing this feat but up until now the limitations of artificial intelligence software have made it impossible.

Enter Eugene Goostman - an AI created in the guise of a young Ukranian boy which was created by a team of programmers based in Russia. At a recent test conducted at the Royal Society in London, Eugene became the first program to officially pass the Turing Test by fooling 33% of its users in to believing that they were talking to a real person.

"Our main idea was that he can claim that he knows anything, but his age also makes it perfectly reasonable that he doesn't know everything," said Vladimir Veselov who worked on the program. "We spent a lot of time developing a character with a believable personality."

Source: Independent | Comments (28)

Tags: Turing Test, Artificial Intelligence

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #19 Posted by Silent Trinity on 8 June, 2014, 21:20
Is anyone else hearing Terminator music? ..... dun dun dun dundun... I will sit on the fence with this one until I see it develop, seems a little dubious at the moment lol
Comment icon #20 Posted by IBelieveWhatIWant on 8 June, 2014, 23:49
I will never like AI unless someone has a virus that can infect and take them all down.
Comment icon #21 Posted by OverSword on 9 June, 2014, 1:56
Anyone ever read Frank Herbert's, Destination Void? In it, a group of people create an artificial intelligence which quickly becomes a very powerful consciousness and it's first words are something like 'you have created me and now you must decide how you will WorShip me.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Junior Chubb on 9 June, 2014, 8:48
Another exaggerated claim about AI, it may have passed an elementary test but I do not think we are near to creating true AI. The software/hardware fooled 30 people into thinking they had been talking to a real human. The pop up chat-bots on suspect websites probably have a better success rate than this.
Comment icon #23 Posted by paperdyer on 9 June, 2014, 13:16
I wonder how many people would have been fooled if the "child" was even younger?
Comment icon #24 Posted by paperdyer on 9 June, 2014, 18:23
I just thought of something, what if the people that were "fooled" didn't want to insult the "lad" as he was presented as being Ukrainian.
Comment icon #25 Posted by HappyMonkey on 9 June, 2014, 22:37
They stacked the deck by making it a non-native thirteen year old speaker. Technically it passes the Turing test's original parameters, but it seems more atechnical win than a true one That said, Eliza and it's descendant programs have found success in helping people needing a therapist.
Comment icon #26 Posted by nohands on 10 June, 2014, 2:35
aw nice one.....
Comment icon #27 Posted by ozman on 10 June, 2014, 10:03
It's bogus, read this.
Comment icon #28 Posted by Junior Chubb on 10 June, 2014, 23:35

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