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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle interview
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 5-31-2013 | 13 comments
A very rare interview with the Sherlock Holmes author on spirituality and psychic experiences.

A druid priest explains Stonehenge
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 5-1-2013 | 4 comments
Kim Payne explains the history of one of the world's most enchanting and mysterious monuments.

The Oracle of Delphi
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 3-31-2013 | 0 comments
Gordon Robertson continues The Quest for God teaching series with a look at The Oracle of Delphi.

'Virgin Mary' window removed
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 11-27-2012 | 18 comments
This alleged image of the Virgin Mary in Malaysia was removed and taken to a church instead.

Evidence of the afterlife ?
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 10-9-2012 | 46 comments
Dr. Jeffrey Long talks about his research in to determining whether or not there is an afterlife.

Rupert Sheldrake - the rise of shamanism
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 5-25-2012 | 18 comments
Biologist Rupert Sheldrake speaks out about the topic of shamanism and his personal observations.

Alan Watts on enlightenment
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 4-24-2012 | 0 comments
Alan Watts shares his thoughts on how people suffer for the knowledge they already have inside.

Richard Dawkins vs Bill O'Reilly
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 10-8-2011 | 0 comments
Famous Atheist and biologist Richard Dawkins debated Fox News host Bill O'Reilly about religion.

Skeptical about possession
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 6-11-2011 | 19 comments
A talk about the concept of demonic possession - is there a more conventional explanation ?

Pim van Lommel: consciousness beyond life
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 6-6-2011 | 16 comments
Mel Van Dusen interviews renowned cardiologist Pim van Lommel about his research in to NDEs.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 17
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Which Bethlehem was Jesus born in ?
Posted 12-24-2014 | 9 comments
There are actually two places in Israel called Bethlehem, one of which being a small village in Galilee.
Dalai Lama warns that he may be the last
Posted 12-23-2014 | 47 comments
The Tibetan spiritual leader has stated that he does not want his role to pass to a 'stupid' successor.
Did Moses really part the Red Sea ?
Posted 12-9-2014 | 141 comments
A new study has indicated that there is a scientific basis for the parting of a large body of water.
'Lost Gospel' claims Jesus was married
Posted 11-10-2014 | 64 comments
An ancient manuscript discovered at the British Library suggests that Jesus was married and had children.
UK favors belief in ghosts and ET over God
Posted 10-29-2014 | 69 comments
A new survey has revealed that more people in Britain believe in aliens and the paranormal than in God.
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