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Crop Circles

A popular modern mystery that has enjoyed substantial press coverage and investigation in recent times, it involves the formation of intricate and often beautiful patterns of flattened grass and crops appearing in field all over the world. In many cases crop circles appeared in a very short space of time and with a level of complexity that seemed to go beyond anything that could be produced so quickly by pranksters. Strange phenomena would sometimes be detected inside the circles themselves such as unusual magnetic readings and electrical devices failing for no apparant reason.


Several groups have come forward to claim credit for many of the crop circles that appeared in fields over the last 30 years however it is considered unlikely that all of them are hoaxed. Analysis of some circles have suggested that they were not created through conventional methods such as the flattening of the grass with a plank of wood and string.

More exotic theories range from messages by aliens to communication from another dimension. Some believe the circles to be spiritual in nature and that they represent messages from a higher intelligence.

To this day crop circles continue to appear in fields around the world.

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