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New Bigfoot footage filmed in Minnesota

Posted on Monday, 15 August, 2011 | Comment icon 83 comments | News tip by: IronGhost

Image credit: Youtube

A new video has surfaced showing what is being claimed to be a Bigfoot in the Minnesota woods.

A farmer and his wife had been walking in the woods when they came across a strange creature which made a low grunting sound. Upon filming the encounter the couple placed the video on Youtube to give others a chance to determine what it is they saw.

"A Minnesota farmer and his wife were walking in the woods north of Stillwater one July night, when they saw a strange animal, according to a new YouTube video."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #74 Posted by QuiteContrary on 25 August, 2012, 4:49
"Oh, crap crap...I smell like nuggets!!!!"
Comment icon #75 Posted by orangepeaceful79 on 25 August, 2012, 5:22
mmmmm chicken
Comment icon #76 Posted by scowl on 27 August, 2012, 20:21
I assume the person inside has to breathe somehow. They could at least pantomime eating berries or something. I just like to see a video of Bigfoot doing something I've seen dozens of bears do over the decades other than walking around.
Comment icon #77 Posted by Peepla on 28 October, 2012, 6:09
Then its obvious you have not bothered to read very much infomation on the subject ! I also said an almost camillion like ability not a camillion .Maybe you should read some papers written on the subject . Like from the scienctific community here is a bunch of them .Read these and think about it .http://www.bigfootencounters.com/biology.htm
Comment icon #78 Posted by DKO on 28 October, 2012, 6:42
So you just mean camouflage then? What most animals have... And I have read a fair bit on Bigfoot, that's what makes me think it's extremely unlikely. It's just certain people like yourself that make outlandish claims to make Bigfoot more possible. Like chameleon camouflage, super senses and that they bury their dead.
Comment icon #79 Posted by Sakari on 28 October, 2012, 11:58
Those are papers from [u] [/u], not even close to the scientific community. The Scientific community says there is no evidence to support " Bigfoot ", and they do not have " papers " on Bigfoot. The " Scientists " you may trying to say, there are a couple there on a different subjects, and none of them are supporting " Bigfoot ".. One example from your link, from a man with a PHD I might add, maybe you should read " papers " from scientists....Especially ones you link people to as an example.....
Comment icon #80 Posted by Mag357 on 28 October, 2012, 12:16
That crystal clear footage always seems to elude us since the Patterson Film. But even that's controversial. And the narrator of this Bigfoot film and other films he makes always stammers and stutters and makes it difficult to understand what he's saying Try decaf dude.
Comment icon #81 Posted by keninsc on 28 October, 2012, 19:16
Fuzzy images make it possible to fill in the blanks or cover up the flaws in the monkey suit or movements. Shoot, if I had a nickel for every time the PG film had been looked over I could buy a Mercedes.
Comment icon #82 Posted by QuiteContrary on 28 October, 2012, 21:28
Is that what Patterson's wife drives/drove?
Comment icon #83 Posted by MisstreeDove on 28 October, 2012, 23:10
One thing I never understood about Bigfoot... Supposedly, Bigfoot is extremely good at hiding from people and covering up evidence about it. And I mean extremely good. Good enough to hide the existence of an entire species. And yet we've caught it many times in photos and videos. And eyewitness reports if you count those. If we have so many videos and photos and reports of Bigfoot... ...Does that mean they're actually kind of bad at hiding from us? Just a thought.

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