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Council quizzed over Santa crash plans

Posted on Saturday, 24 December, 2011 | Comment icon 12 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: Norbert Aepli

Some of the most unusual Freedom of Information Act requests posed to local authorities have been listed.

Cheltenham Borough Council was at the receiving end of a demand for a release of information pertaining to their plans for what they would do in the event that Santa's sleigh crashlanded in the city this Christmas. The strange request even included specific questions about who would rescue Santa, who would clear up the crash site and who would help to round up the reindeer. "Some of the requests councils receive do not appear to relate very closely to the services they are focused on delivering every day of the year," said chairman Peter Fleming of the LGA Improvement Board.

"Cheltenham Borough Council was asked to provide details of its contingency plans for Santa crashing in an FoI request filed this year."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by Fluffybunny on 23 December, 2011, 19:34
I think a lot of those are kind of silly, but I would be willing to bet that there are far more plans on the shelf than we can ever guess. I also think that there are many plans regarding aliens, whether or not they have been here is up to debate, but the possibility is always there. The universe is a big place full of surprises.
Comment icon #4 Posted by angi chiesa on 24 December, 2011, 12:22
What a lot of BULL......reindeer sh....t. I dont actually believe this article. Ok humans and the British can be complete nutters, but not this stupid.Could be an excercise of logic to see what would be required in this fictitious accident. Any blogger from Cheltenham . There is a young farmers colledge here. The guys that make corn circles.Just the sort of stunt coming from these guys.
Comment icon #5 Posted by angi chiesa on 25 December, 2011, 3:04
May I wish you all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS.Posted 25th.December 2011
Comment icon #6 Posted by minera on 25 December, 2011, 22:18
idiots with no life and nothing better to do. waste of time and money.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Wearer of Hats on 26 December, 2011, 4:44
Well that's Politicians covered then.
Comment icon #8 Posted by ELFIS on 26 December, 2011, 11:44
@ angi chiesa. If you are going to call us British 'nutters', then may I suggest you spell the word 'colledge' correctly? Or even enrol in one. You pleb.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Swadwa on 27 December, 2011, 4:03
Governments just love to perpetuate lies - don't they.
Comment icon #10 Posted by cluey on 27 December, 2011, 8:01
LMAO!!!!!......people need lives/better things to do than annoy the sane of the population
Comment icon #11 Posted by Robert1 on 28 December, 2011, 22:07
If they did that, we wouldn't have anyone to criticize or laugh at.
Comment icon #12 Posted by minera on 28 December, 2011, 22:46
Do they not know that Santa, let alone FLYING reindeer do not exist? What next? Charging the 'tooth fairy' with break and enter? No wonder things are going to hell with such dumb people around. I would worry more about so many stupid fools out there than an emmergency plan for a Santa crash. Are those people for REAL?

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