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'Goat Man' spotted in Utah mountains

Posted on Sunday, 22 July, 2012 | Comment icon 81 comments | News tip by: Night Walker

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Sightings of a man wearing a goat costume in a field of real goats have puzzled authorities in Utah.

Phil Douglass of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has stated that while the so-called 'goat man' isn't doing anything illegal, he could be putting himself in danger as it will soon be the start of the goat hunting season. "My very first concern is the person doesn't understand the risks," said Douglass. "Who's to say what could happen."

While it isn't clear what the man's intentions are, it could simply be that he is an extreme wildlife enthusiast trying to get close to the animals. "People do some pretty out there things in the name of enjoying wildlife. But I've never had a report like this," said Douglass.

"Douglass said a man hiking Sunday along Ben Lomond peak in the mountains above Ogden, about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, spotted the person dressed like a goat among a herd of real goats."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #72 Posted by Night Walker on 25 July, 2012, 21:24
Ok - you're Prez. I'll be Secretary. Above all, we are officially satyrologists now. Let us go forth and do some research...
Comment icon #73 Posted by QuiteContrary on 25 July, 2012, 21:34
"Satyrologist" Oooh, I like that! *violently waves hand again* Can I be treasurer also?[s] I like money too.[/s]
Comment icon #74 Posted by Junior Chubb on 25 July, 2012, 22:46
Guy's I found this on the web, thought it might give you a head start... In Salt Lake City, Utah, High school student William Gruff is a science-whiz orphan living with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. He is bitten by a radioactive Goat at a science exhibit and "acquires the agility and proportionate strength of a Mountain Goat". Along with super strength, he gains the ability to bleat and ram through walls. Through his native knack for science, he develops a gadget that lets him fire milk through small, wrist-mounted barrels. Initially seeking to capitalize on his new abilities... [More]
Comment icon #75 Posted by QuiteContrary on 25 July, 2012, 23:03
Whoa, I had nooo idea. This is awesome! I am all over this...
Comment icon #76 Posted by Junior Chubb on 25 July, 2012, 23:34
Like Kojak on a lollipop...
Comment icon #77 Posted by minera on 26 July, 2012, 3:30
there are just waaaay to many nutty people around. He probably thinks he is in fact a goat.
Comment icon #78 Posted by minera on 26 July, 2012, 3:31
it's just some 'old goat' lol
Comment icon #79 Posted by Night Walker on 26 July, 2012, 6:41
Sorry, GMRO is devoted to serious cryptozoological research. This is as serious as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, you know... (Hehe... "William Gruff" )
Comment icon #80 Posted by Junior Chubb on 26 July, 2012, 9:01
Lol GMRO, I thought your were serious until I cracked that acronym. You can thank Criptic Chameleon for the William Gruff gag, I couldn't take credit for his genius. ( )
Comment icon #81 Posted by Device on 5 August, 2012, 13:50
The mystery of the Goat Man is solved. He is apparently a 57year old hunter who was preparing for a goat hunt, using a fleece covered suit. I hereby retract my earlier assertion that he was 'up to no good'.

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