Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Sheep to send text messages about wolves

Posted on Wednesday, 8 August, 2012 | Comment icon 20 comments

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Sheep in Switzerland could soon be able to raise the alert via text message when attacked by wolves.

The system works by placing a collar on the sheep that can monitor its heart rate, when the sheep becomes too distressed the heart rate increases and the device automatically sends a text message to call for help.

The system has been developed following an increasing number of attacks on sheep by wolves in Switzerland and could be rolled out in other countries as well if it is deemed a success.

"Swiss sheep could soon be texting shepherds for help when they are being stalked or attacked by wolves."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #11 Posted by Junior Chubb on 8 August, 2012, 15:46
mankind stops evolution and natural selection Well there is nothing new there. You need to go back a long way to stop mankinds effect on the world... See mods. Yet another instance where a dislike button would save alot of time. I see your point, but I feel it better to be able to explain negativity (as you did) rather than just click a button. A positive can be given with a click, but a negative requires more explanation, I feel this helps push toward a more respectful and interactive forum.
Comment icon #12 Posted by St. Jimmy on 8 August, 2012, 18:11
well this saves bullets (for shooting wolves) Well it doesn't, because it's only alarm text message. You have to shoot the wolf anyway.
Comment icon #13 Posted by 747400 on 8 August, 2012, 18:21
mankind stops evolution and natural selection Natural selection? You mean it's interfering with the evolution of a race of ninja Sheep that can fight back against wolves? Actually, I didn't know there was any wild wolves left anywhere in Europe. This is indeed, truly educational.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Junior Chubb on 8 August, 2012, 19:22
a race of ninja Sheep Imagine trying to herd those little gits into their pen...
Comment icon #15 Posted by csspwns on 9 August, 2012, 1:02
you use a farm dog for tat...
Comment icon #16 Posted by Lilly on 9 August, 2012, 1:49
All kidding aside, I don't think this idea will work very well in application. I highly suspect that a sheep's heart rate climbs not only when they're being attacked by wolves, but also when they're fighting with one another, mating, or just exerting themselves. Too much potential for false alarms IMO.
Comment icon #17 Posted by minera on 9 August, 2012, 16:09
Add another texter to the group. All my kids text each other even when they are in the same room, and they are not teenagers anymore either. In this case it is not a bad idea. Natural selection is one thing but the sheep are domesticated and being farmed as part of someones livelyhood.
Comment icon #18 Posted by 747400 on 9 August, 2012, 17:55
All kidding aside, I don't think this idea will work very well in application. I highly suspect that a sheep's heart rate climbs not only when they're being attacked by wolves, but also when they're fighting with one another, mating, or just exerting themselves. Too much potential for false alarms IMO. ... or climbing a Mountain, perhaps. Have they thought of that? Anyway,surely this is a job for the Lonely Goatherd. It'd give them something more useful to do than sitting high on a hill going "yo-odel-ay-odel-ay-e-oo" all day. :-/
Comment icon #19 Posted by wolfknight on 9 August, 2012, 18:35
Help help the shepheard is chasing me LOL
Comment icon #20 Posted by kwin on 10 August, 2012, 6:54
Interesting................. A text saves the day for the textiles and creates a new stress testing job market in the meantime. Just think of all the possibilities........

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