Sunday, January 22, 2017
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Has the universe almost done making stars ?

Posted on Sunday, 11 November, 2012 | Comment icon 24 comments

Image credit: NASA

Astronomers have found that the rate of star birth is 30 times less than it was 11 billion years ago.

What this means is that the vast majority of stars that will exist in the universe are already here and that we will only likely see a maximum of five percent more in the future. The more time passes, the slower star formation becomes. The discovery lends credence to the idea that in billions of years time we could be looking at a cold, dark universe in which all the stars have burnt out.

"We are clearly living in a universe dominated by old stars," said study leader David Sobral. " All of the action in the universe occurred billions of years ago."

"In its youth, the universe was a roiling soup of star ingredients, with new stars forming rapidly."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #15 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 on 11 November, 2012, 23:02
On the home page this story is titled "Has the Universe almost done making stars?" For shame...
Comment icon #16 Posted by Christopher Vera on 12 November, 2012, 2:38
I've often said that those who worry about global warming are short-sighted fools. Its galatic cooling that has me scared! :-) Its easy to make a prediction millions of years into the future, no matter how good the mathmatics. Who would hold you to it? In any case, the universe is far more unpredictable than we give it credit for. A little cosmic collision with a neighboring universe and we'll be big bangin' all over again. Like some other posters, I'm very curious as to what point a black hole gets to before it releases its energy, forcefully or otherwise.
Comment icon #17 Posted by -M7 on 12 November, 2012, 5:32
I theorize that stars will continue to be made as long as the resources/matter are available for their creation...its just a theory though.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Eliseldritch on 12 November, 2012, 6:20
Right at the moment there's an academic opposition to Global Warming, the Mayan 2012 doom's day lurches around the corner; right at the moment experts issue well substantiated criticism on that matter, they insist the universe itself is dying out. So what's next, He-man dies of testicular cancer?
Comment icon #19 Posted by GirlfromOz on 12 November, 2012, 10:35
I would expect that,with the life expectancy of stars declining,that black holes would also face a life cycle that includes dissipating & losing momentum.
Comment icon #20 Posted by GirlfromOz on 12 November, 2012, 11:30
PS The very black holes, that the many scientists theorise about,are but mere whirlpools created by the many thermodynamic energies released near them.They accumulate speed,therefore accelerating to an incomprehensible speed,sucking up what ever comes near to the vortex.The stars,planets etc become sucked into them & pulvarised.However,Stars are produced by the gravitational forces surrounding the vicinity of many localised gases that accumulate via the forces of gravity.etc,thus producing a star.There must of coarse come a time where these areas in the universe become exhausted of the pre... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by ninjadude on 13 November, 2012, 2:05
h a neighboring universe Say what?
Comment icon #22 Posted by The Id3al Experience on 13 November, 2012, 3:52
Say what? 'He either beleives in the mulitverse theory or he was meaning galaxies as we are destinded to collide with another in the near future(universes near future, not earth bound near future)
Comment icon #23 Posted by Tommy13 on 13 November, 2012, 16:34
The universe will never be done making stars. All energy is neither created nor destroyed. It's only transferred. It will cannibalize and recreate, that's all she wrote.
Comment icon #24 Posted by UFO_Monster on 17 November, 2012, 2:38
Right at the moment there's an academic opposition to Global Warming, the Mayan 2012 doom's day lurches around the corner; right at the moment experts issue well substantiated criticism on that matter, they insist the universe itself is dying out. So what's next, He-man dies of testicular cancer? In this topic: Everything dies. Sadly, that's how life works. Everything has an end. I hate endings.

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