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Stonehenge was occupied 5,000 years earlier

Posted on Monday, 22 April, 2013 | Comment icon 7 comments | News tip by: xsas

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New research has revealed that Stonehenge was a settlement up to 3,000 years before it was built.

Archaeologists digging near to the neolithic stone circle in Wiltshire, England have uncovered evidence to suggest that the area had been occupied 7,500 years ago. While settlements in the region were only semi-permanent, the area would have likely been a hotspot of activity over the centuries.

"The whole landscape is full of prehistoric monuments and it is extraordinary in a way that this has been such a blind spot for so long archaeologically," said archaeologist David Jacques. "Here we are in this little nook at the bottom of a hill with a river running round it and it probably had more people coming to it in the Mesolithic period than it's had people coming ever since."

"An excavation funded with redundancy money shows Stonehenge was a settlement 3,000 years before it was built."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Taun on 19 April, 2013, 10:31
If you think about it, it does make sense... Why would they build something like that in some location where they've never been before?... It makes perfect sense for them to have lived there for a long time and considered the site 'sacred' or special in some other way, and then build it... Plus they would have needed a certain amount of infrastructure to achieve what they did... Good article, thanks for posting xsas...
Comment icon #2 Posted by Hilander on 19 April, 2013, 12:11
I was reading this one article a month or so ago that said it was a burial site for the stone age elite.
Comment icon #3 Posted by shrooma on 22 April, 2013, 15:19
i'll look forward to trampling all over it in six weeks time.....
Comment icon #4 Posted by shrooma on 22 April, 2013, 17:46
there's a much more detailed article here- .
Comment icon #5 Posted by Andromedan Starseed 333 on 22 April, 2013, 20:08
i get what the are saying but what or how does this help us?like for example like secrets or what?its good to know but what's the big deal.i am not trying to sound pessimistic or negative in anyway i am just trying to connect the pieces though that's all.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Leave Britney alone! on 22 April, 2013, 23:18
So since we are pusing the date back does this mean that another, earlier group of people actually constructed this henge? Or are we going with a continious line of the same community? Any further explanation on why Stonehenge was first aligned with the movement of the Moon then later reconfigured to be in alignment with the Sun? The shift from earlier Celtic moon worshipers to the more Germanic sun worshippers is quite interesting to me and I am always seeking information especially if from academic sources and not so much from fringe ones. If my initial belief is unfounded in scholarship ... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by shrooma on 23 April, 2013, 0:47 . try this site britney, it's pretty much up-to-date with its info. stonehenge was built thousands of years before the celts arrived though, and had already been abandoned by the time they got here.

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