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UFO sightings will rise as drone use rises

Posted on Sunday, 23 June, 2013 | Comment icon 22 comments | News tip by: The world needs you

Image credit: Northrop Grumman

An increase in the use of drone technology could soon lead to a substantial rise in UFO sightings.

A recent protest in Sao Paulo offered a glimpse of what can happen as thousands of people reported witnessing a strange object zig-zag across the sky. Keen observers pointed and called out as the glowing ball moved overhead, with many taking video footage and photographs which soon made their way on to social media sites. Far from being an otherworldly visitor however, the object turned out to be nothing more than an unmanned drone.

As drone technology becomes cheaper and more sophisticated, it won't be long before sightings of this nature become more numerous. "If you put anything up in the sky it will end up a UFO to many people," said investigator Joe Nickell. "We don't call in planes or weather balloons as UFOs anymore, but drones are small, peculiar aircraft, they're unfamiliar."

"Thousands of people at a protest in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tuesday spotted a mysterious bright light dart and zig-zag across the sky."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by Space_Jockey on 24 June, 2013, 14:32
Interesting, but how can you assure me that everyone who has a UFO sighting is aware of the limits of the laws of physics? Not to mention the distance that's usually involved in sightings.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Sweetpumper on 24 June, 2013, 15:39
We had one of these hover over our campsite a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty disturbing. Went and found out the campers that were using it. High def cameras that they could watch in real time with a pair of glasses. A lot of other campers were disturbed by this too, as cool as it was.
Comment icon #15 Posted by seeder on 24 June, 2013, 15:44
But then again, some drones dont have wings and can hover stationary . . .
Comment icon #16 Posted by Sweetpumper on 24 June, 2013, 15:48
And they're quiet.
Comment icon #17 Posted by EnderOTD on 25 June, 2013, 3:38
Indeed quite cool and wouldn't mind owning one myself just for the novelty involved, but yes very creepy indeed. Privacy is quickly taking a back seat to security. I'm thankful I don't live in a city like London with CCTV monitoring every street corner, occasionally peering into windows for a quick glimpse.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Paxus on 27 June, 2013, 13:29
Never say never, someone once said no craft heavier than air could ever fly
Comment icon #19 Posted by DONTEATUS on 29 June, 2013, 2:40
So true "Paxus" and to add to that Just remember "TO Serv Man" Run for the Hill`s If they Land next to you and theres No Stop-n-Go close by!
Comment icon #20 Posted by -M7 on 9 July, 2013, 4:22
Well of course! UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Not Military Drone. Not Flying Saucer. Not Space Craft. Not a picture of a bird thats just blurred. And so on.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Keith10284 on 9 July, 2013, 17:22
I understand what you are saying, but don't be so quick to dismiss it. If you read about the Anunaki & the Sumerian text, there were aircraft & whatnot well over 1,000 years ago that were almost, if not exactly, technologically equal to our current level of development. If they were that advanced back then, imagine what they would be capable of now! If the statements by historians, scientists and such are true, light travel is entirely possible in the present day. Just my opinion, mind.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Sweetpumper on 9 July, 2013, 17:23

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