Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Were horses domesticated 50,000 years ago?

Posted on Wednesday, 7 August, 2013 | Comment icon 17 comments | News tip by: the L

Image credit: CC 2.0

Evidence of prehistoric horse domestication has been discovered in Siberia's Denisova Cave.

The site of some of the world's most important finds pertaining to early humans, the cave has yielded numerous prehistoric treasures over the years including the remains of an early human subspecies that lived 640,000 years ago.

Now experts believe they have uncovered the mitochondrial genome of a horse that lived 50,000 years ago, a discovery that could represent the earliest known attempt at equine domestication in history. If this turns out to be the case then it would pre-date all existing evidence of horse domestication by up to 44,000 years.

"The Denisova Cave in the Altai region has given up another riveting secret to modern science, this time equine, say researchers from Novosibirsk."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Goatherder71 on 7 August, 2013, 19:03
If humans were using horses in any way I bet it was for food. I would like to try a nice horse ribeye.
Comment icon #9 Posted by billyf on 7 August, 2013, 19:42
by saying people should support the legislation you are asking them to take part in a campaign....
Comment icon #10 Posted by MJNYC on 7 August, 2013, 23:36
Hmmm I don't see it as a campaign but ok. So if I just say horses are sentient beings and should be treated as such that's ok. Yes?
Comment icon #11 Posted by Harte on 7 August, 2013, 23:38
I think all beings are sentient, some more than others. Doesn't keep me from eating them though. Re this find, it's fantastic. Hope it pans out. Harte
Comment icon #12 Posted by EtherialNight on 8 August, 2013, 1:38
@MJNYC thanks for that, I have been campaigning for better treatment of horses, particularly ex race horses since I was 8 years old. While it may be seen as suggesting others take part in a petition/campaign, I think this occasion is fairly benign. It might be slightly bending the rules a little, however people can simply ignore it if they wish.
Comment icon #13 Posted by redhen on 8 August, 2013, 2:18
It's a legislative bill before the House of Representatives, it's not an offsite survey, petition, contest, campaign or fundraiser. Anyways, it's fascinating to think about domesticated horses 50,000 years ago. I'm imagining mounted homo sapiens pursuing neanderthals. Yeah, I'm wierd like that.
Comment icon #14 Posted by MJNYC on 8 August, 2013, 13:32
Thanks and Redhen! Appreciate it! So many people don't know the plight of our horses, but they really love horses. So I thought, why not spread the word a bit. If this keeps up we won't have any wild horses left. And exactly, Etherial. Exceller and Ferdinand both slaughtered for their meat. Ferdinand slaughtered in Japan and I heard there was a sign on the restaurant "come dine on a champion". Now if that doesn't make you sick, what does? And, I agreed, Redhen, thinking about them riding horses so long ago made me think that if this bond is so long, why are we s... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by Capt. on 10 September, 2014, 21:25
An interesting article about finding a rare BIG Pleistocene horse skull in the Yukon. Most prehistoric horses were barely small pony sized while this horse was plenty big enough for domestication although there is very little proof of domestication. "The fossil that stood out the most, however, was the skull of a horse that had lived in the Arctic during the last Ice Age. This was not the typical small Yukon horse that Froese and other paleontologists had found here and in other regions of the Arctic. This was a huge animal - a Clydesdale next to an Icelandic pony - that would have prob... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by Bavarian Raven on 11 September, 2014, 2:59
Nothing wrong with eating horses. They are an animal just like any other. On topic. Cool find. I hope this proves to be true.

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