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In review: Psi Spies

September 11, 2007 | Comment icon 0 comments

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Psi Spies by Jim Marrs is entitled "The true story of America's psychic warfare program", and on that it delivers quite brilliantly. Marrs, who is also the author of "Rule by Secrecy" and "Alien Agenda" provides a detailed and fascinating read in to the world of psychic warfare, remote viewing and the people who were involved in it. The book begins with US army captain David Moorehouse being introduced to the secret Psi Spies program. Moorehouse's own out of body experience and interest in psychic phenomena made him a prime candidate for remote viewing, and as such we see him becoming the newest recruit of the Psi Spies and the book goes on to follow both him and the history of the unit. Marrs had personally met several of the people who were involved in the Psi Spies unit and it's associated research when writing the book and a lot of the details come from their first hand accounts.

There is a great deal of information here about the history of psychic intelligence in warfare, even going back as far as ancient Greece, Persia and biblical times. Also covered are the events leading up to the creation of the Psi Spies unit, the experiments that were carried out and the startling results which demonstrated the importance of continued research in to remote viewing as a way of obtaining information about distant targets.
The process of undertaking a remote viewing session is covered here in great detail, from the steps taken beforehand in preparation to detailed descriptions and accounts of the remote viewers at work. One chapter describes how the Psi Spies even encountered their Soviet rivals during some sessions. While the concepts here are somewhat fantastic at times, the phenomena is described in a convincing manner and even the most skeptical will find themselves questionning the possibility that remote viewing is real.

Unlike a lot of books on paranormal topics, "Psi Spies" reads a lot more like a story than a cold text book, you get to know the men involved as oppose to simply reading facts about them. This makes the book a lot more accessable and helps to bring the world of the Psi Spies to life.

This book is recommended to anyone who has an interest in the history of psychic warfare and remote viewing, however anyone with an interest in the unexplained or the metaphysical should find this a very interesting read.

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