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T. Stokes

House of evil

September 9, 2007 | Comment icon 8 comments

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One cold winter evening in 1997 I received a distressed phone call concerning a 1930s style house in Cricklewood, north London. The tenant of the house had his then girlfriend stay over at weekends, she was a receptive, sensitive and quite psychic young lady whereas he was a down to earth type chap who felt that if he could not see or feel it, it did not exist, in fact he blamed all the strange sounds and smells that occurred in the house as down to either the central heating cooling down or traffic vibration, and drainage problems.Things had reached crisis point when she had been talking on her mobile phone at the top of the stairs when a large foggy black shape had rushed up the stairs and disappeared into the wall, she exclaimed as part of it went right through her, she understood the expression, “Someone walked over her grave.”She was never able to sleep in the house, and was aware of a deep brooding threatening presence, that she sometimes felt actually in the room, that was gradually making her ill. This awful situation was compounded by her boyfriend’s total lack of understanding, and refusal to complain about the unpleasant smell of drains.Things reached a crescendo, when struggling back from the supermarket, with several heavy bags, she stopped to talk to the old lady who came twice a week to clean the house next door.

The old lady who spoke very poor English, blurted out, “how can you live in that house, that is where all those boys were murdered, and eaten, it was the house of “Dennis Nilsen, The serial killer”, “and was a meeting place for local rent boys.”In fact when the police came there were half eaten body parts gently cooking on the stove, and a mans body shrink wrapped sitting in a chair as his companion, body parts were clogging the drains, and more bodies were in the garden and under the floor.However, although devastated, it all now began to make sense to her, and after a furious row with her boyfriend, who insisted that when he bought the house the estate agent did not tell him of its awful history,he then apologised to her for making fun at her expense.Luckily, she had the sense to come along and ask for help at her local spiritualist centre and a spiritual clean up operation began.Most call outs are down to what we call “creepage”, which means the noises of the house settling down after the heat of the day, some are down to “settlement”After a wet or hot spell, clay soil particularly moves and floorboards will crack and creak for some time afterwards.
Also “imagination” after the late night horror film can also play a part. But this was none of these, on visiting the house their were many souls crying in anger, in fact more than he was ever charged with, we even contacted the possessing entity that drove him to commit these crimes.It was in fact a textbook case of malignant lower realm spirit infestation.The house occupant was possessed by a category of spirit know to experts as “haemophagists” or blood eaters, of a similar type as vampires.These situations do not come up very often and they represent an opportunity in the training of a spirit medium, but some spiritualists disapprove of what is called “rescue work”. The Anglican Church under the guidelines of Fr. Gilbert Shaw is closer to the Spiritualist view than that of the Catholic Church, who mainly relies on a requiem mass for the dead, and until recently Catholicism was generally phasing out deliverance or exorcism work, now Catholicism under the guidance of the chief exorcist, Fr. Gabrielle Amorth, has been brought back to the dogmas front burner.Some years ago I was privileged to work closely with the Roman Catholic exorcist for the diocese of Chelmsford a Fr. Kenneth Green, they generally have a dislike of spiritual free lancers, but it helped me to broaden my technique.However the first step on entering this “House of evil” was to walk around until we felt a cold spot, then on holding hands we said a prayer and sung hymns, asking our spirit guides to assist in healing the angry dead, when suddenly a series of heavy thumps were heard in the room, and a loud sobbing sound seemed to come from over our heads, when the tape recorder that was always in use at these times crashed against the floor.Our rescue circle determined on our act of deliverance as it is now called, noticed that our thermometer had dropped drastically in temperature, this is usually a sign of a coming physical manifestation, because the entity must take the heat from the air to build up its bodily appearance, just as water can be frozen into ice, so air can also be solidified, this is known as “inspissated air” the shape of a young man began forming in the smoke of the incense, and he gave verbal details of how he met his end, the use of smoke for a spirit to communicate is called “capnomancy” and this is the origin of the Roman Catholic use of incense, and this Incense is particularly repugnant to Haemophagi or vampiric lower entities.

It is my belief that it is right to hear the spirit say its piece, this is known as catharsis, we then said aloud the lords prayer, and asked the spirit and the shades behind it to look for the light and dwell in the love of god, then on saying the cleansing prayer as a verbal antiseptic, we left the herbs and incense burning and with a light feeling now we sprinkled asafoetida grass and tee tree oil in the corners, and left.Two days later on returning to the house in Cricklewood London,the place felt quite different, the rough collie dog, entered this time quite happily, this type is among the most sensitive of breeds, and is often kept by psychics to warn of both coming thunderstorms, burglars, and psychic attacks etc.A final sprinkling into all room corners of blessed salt water and oil of garlic, under the prayer to the four Archangels,and our rescue circle held hands to say the Lord’s Prayer before leaving.* A final footnote to tell that most call outs to this kind of thing amount to nothing,This one had been most serious, and as is quite common afterwards, several members of our circle who had come to help and heal, had the usual mysterious illnesses, that can be part of the aftermath of these things, e. g. depression, lethargy, joint pains, thinking strange thoughts, feelings of unease, anxiety, agoraphobia, insomnia, listlessness and headaches, often with the feeling they were carrying a heavy rucksack, and all these symptoms often result in job losses, and relationship difficulties. But we had given the boys spirits their say, and helped them on their way.

On contacting the young woman who initially brought us in to help, to ask permission to publish this article she insisted on both the manifestations involving her and her identity being kept confidential, it turned out she had moved lodgings continually to avoid the sensational national daily newspapers. Most people believe that graveyards would be the most haunted places, but actually hospitals and accident black spots on roadways beat them hands down, with maybe old prisons coming a close second, it is not generally realised that most crime is committed by the mentally ill, who will leave what is known as an “imprint” on any room or cell they inhabit, and newcomers would be very susceptible to atmospheres such as this.Next time I will tell of the category known as the “laughers”. And of one particular ghost that laughed.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Illicit_moonlight 16 years ago
Fantastic story!! i enjoyed every bit of it. Cannot wait to hear about the laughers....... I'll be checking often to see when you will post it. Just a question tho SaRuMaN... did you actually participate in this or am i just too tired and read it wrong?
Comment icon #2 Posted by glorybebe 16 years ago
Fantastic story!! i enjoyed every bit of it. Cannot wait to hear about the laughers....... I'll be checking often to see when you will post it. Just a question tho SaRuMaN... did you actually participate in this or am i just too tired and read it wrong? Very, very freaky! Poor girl, that must have been absolutely horrible.
Comment icon #3 Posted by goalienan 16 years ago
Great story...this poor girl having to go through that, with the one closest to her not believing her story had to be hell...Definitely looking forward to the "laughing ghost"...
Comment icon #4 Posted by SaRuMaN 16 years ago
Just a question tho SaRuMaN... did you actually participate in this or am i just too tired and read it wrong? I didn't write this, the author is T. Stokes who is one of our regular columnists. You can view all of his other articles - here.
Comment icon #5 Posted by sunburst 16 years ago
[shivers] i would sooooooooooo not want to go anywhere near a house where people where eatten like that! that just sets my spine shivering!!!
Comment icon #6 Posted by annalaura 16 years ago
That was a very scarey story. Is it okay if I tell my opinion? Well to make a long story short. I believe that the evil came back. I don't think that anyone can cast out evil. Maybe for a short time. But it always returns in my opinion. And that would explain why the girl moved from the house. Actually I think that they should tare the house down. For everyone's safety. Just remember it is my crazy opinion. I was just trying to think it all out. But you never know maybe the house is clean now! I know it's against the law if a person is trying to buy a house. That realestate people have to tell... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by glorybebe 16 years ago
I googled Dennis Nilsen. He is one sick man. I had to stop reading, it was too much for my poor head. I can't understand the mindset of someone like that. I am not surprised that the house was haunted. If I was the boyfriend, I would be suing the real estate agent who sold it to me.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Tejina: Ex Arctic Elfie 16 years ago
*Shudders* Okay I shouldn't read freaky stuff after hours of playing Resident Evil. I WON'T BE ABLE TO SLEEP NOW!!!!!! Great story Stokes! Thanks for posting it Monkey man! (Yeah I know that's not your name but Saru's monkey in Japanese)

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