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  Columnist: T. Stokes

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Where have all the skeptics gone ?

Posted on Saturday, 26 January, 2008 | 28 comments
Columnist: T. Stokes

With the release of suppressed U.F.O files from all around the world, and the promise of other Governments to follow suit, a universal quiet has descended, and the usual scoffers have remained very tight lipped, statements from former astronauts have added to the mass of knowledge now in the public domain. Similarly with the usage of E.V.P and the now new technology, where whole conversations can be snatched from the past in A.E.V.P (Advanced E.V.P) has left many former skeptics in a quandary, the listening and taping of sounds and voices from the silent ether, was documented with curiosity by spymaster Peter Wright the writer of “spycatcher” while inventing and experimenting with eavesdropping devices during the Cyprus crisis. The knowledge that every single U S President since the start of W.W.II has employed astrologers, is defended by senior staff by the statement; “ we may employ astrologers but that does not mean we take their advice”.

Paranormal investigators now use some very hi-tech kit at haunted locations, and skeptics outwitted by experts, science and experience, have become confused and hostile. Prof. J. Manning has endorsed the findings of palmists across the world in his digit comparison studies, and American University research last month under Leif Neilson confirmed that Numerology has a scientific base that is verifiable and repeatable. Last year hostility from skeptics to my talks on the paranormal, reached a crescendo when at the Red Lion hall, the lady who seats people was punched in the face and the whole meeting broken up by jeering rowdies. Top researcher Victor Zammit offers a million pounds for proof of skeptical claims, in the same way Phrenology and Psychology were debunked. Yet where are the skeptics now ? where are the dissenting voices ? they seem to have slid away back under the floorboards.

Carl Jung called an overly skeptical mind-frame, “Misodneism” and with its links to Atheism and Communism, saw it as unhealthy and linked it to depression, which the British Medical Journal says will be the biggest killer of people by the year 2012. But there is wisdom in the rubbish, we must question the current belief of those who pay high prices for Jesus tokens, curse removal or believe mass produced newspaper solar-scopes, and pay huge sums for bottles of Quabbalah water to bless their homes children and bank accounts, and you can buy instant tuning to be healers for large monetary sums, those who allow gypsies into their homes for lucky heather and scam readings, are only surpassed by the adverts for send me an angel to watch over me for 50 dollars, unfortunately there is as much fakery in the paranormal as in skepticism, but public skepticism has led the British government to damage limitation exercises which have extended to, a fit-up over the death of Dr. David Kelly, a laughable Iraq inquiry and now years on, one on Princess Diana, all of course with pre-determined outcomes.
The disbelief in the official line has brought in a new word to our vocabulary for double speak; “Rumsfelding” buyer beware.

T Stokes

* No skeptics quacks or nutters were harmed during the writing of this article

Article Copyright© T. Stokes - reproduced with permission.

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