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T. Stokes

Wartime psychics

2-18-2008 | 0

Archbishop Cosmo Lang, was the Church of England’s top expert on the supernatural during W.W. II. and an advisor ...

T. Stokes

Genuine or fake - medium Doris Stokes ?

2-12-2008 | 5

Some years ago a well spoken gentleman would attend many of my talks on new age spirit, alternative therapies and t...

T. Stokes

Where have all the skeptics gone ?

1-26-2008 | 28

With the release of suppressed U.F.O files from all around the world, and the promise of other Governments to follo...

T. Stokes

The malefic midnight mummy

1-23-2008 | 1

Over many years of attending meetings of all sorts of occult and spirit groups, of all shades and colours in a bid ...

T. Stokes

Extreme sports - psychic readings

1-7-2008 | 3

A group of the top mediums and fortune tellers are banding together to form a world wide group “The psychic reade...

T. Stokes

A boy and his dog

12-12-2007 | 0

There are dangers in being known as a lecturer in paranormal studies, everyone needs to tell you their favourite gh...

T. Stokes

England's most haunted place

11-24-2007 | 2

One of England’s most haunted places, must be the spot known as “Beachy Head “. This is our highest cliff top...

T. Stokes

House of evil

9-9-2007 | 8

One cold winter evening in 1997 I received a distressed phone call concerning a 1930s style house in Cricklewood, n...

T. Stokes

A typical NDE experience

8-6-2007 | 2

We have all read of Near Death Experiences, but to go through one yourself can be very meaningful. All impressions ...

T. Stokes

Cold war psychic operatives

7-15-2007 | 6

In the mid seventies, the English channel was the venue for a secret and amazing psychic cold war incident, the cha...

T. Stokes

Interrogation of the dead

6-7-2007 | 0

Anyone who lectures and writes for magazines on psychic subjects will get many questions from various interested pa...

T. Stokes

The Enfield poltergeist

5-18-2007 | 0

An excellent article in the psychic world April edition by Graham Hewitt, on one of the most interesting of modern ...

T. Stokes

Psychics and fakers

4-17-2007 | 2

The popularity of the paranormal just now is at an all time high, even known fakers have been filling halls at the...

T. Stokes

Dolphin rescuers ?

4-5-2007 | 15

While watching a film about how the Japanese nation catch and kill dolphins,and you probably are all aware of this ...

T. Stokes

The cluster effect

2-23-2007 | 0

In sorting through some Parapsychology papers in a New Year spring clean,I thought these may be of interest. The Am...

T. Stokes

The gravestone path

2-13-2007 | 2

The winter was a long and hard one in the Britain of 1970, before the days of global warming, January would signify...

T. Stokes

What will the new year bring ?

1-14-2007 | 3

The capital of India, New Delhi saw the mass wedding of 30,000 couples assembled together to marry on one of the mo...

T. Stokes

Paws for thought

12-18-2006 | 3

A psychic Christmas animal story. Around the fireplace each Christmas comes the tale, probably largely apocryphal, ...

T. Stokes

The glowing gravestone

12-4-2006 | 3

This was perhaps the most famous psychic occurrence to have my involvement. The date would have been about 1960, in...

T. Stokes

Police and psychics

11-19-2006 | 0

In the early eighties, I was surprised to have 2 policemen arrive on my doorstep,I wrongly assumed my son had been ...

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