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Paul Dale Roberts

Everyone has a ghost story

August 21, 2008 | Comment icon 1 comment

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On July 12, 2008, Saturday, I was doing something social, instead of my ghosthunting activities. I was going to my goddaughter's birthday party. She is 5 years old. Her name is Nicole Mila Phengaroune. It was great seeing her smile and opening up her birthday presents one at a time. It was a great social family event. While we dined on Thai cooked barbecue spareribs and other assorted Thai and Laos dishes, I felt the conversation was being centered on me. Why? Because everyone is curious on what I have encountered. They ask me questions like: Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you get scared?

The adults in this family needed some entertainment, they needed a break from the kids and they were curious.

Ghost Stories Told at my Goddaughter's Birthday Party:
As I discussed my ghosthunting adventures, the conversation shifted to the family members of this house. It appeared that everyone sitting on the table with me had their own paranormal experience. They don't want to be identified by real names, but here are some of the stories that were told on this day. Ms. X said she moved to Minnesota and she would constantly hear her son cry for no apparent reason in their new home. Finally on the 4th day of living in this new home, her son fell asleep peacefully. Her husband went to check on their son and discovered the phantoms of a man and a little boy over the bed of his sleeping son. The little boy phantom was trying to wake his son up, because he wanted to play. As long as they lived in this house, the phantom boy would harass their son, because he wanted to play and it scared their son so much, that they had to move out of the house. Ms. X and her husband like to fish. One night her husband went out fishing by the Sacramento River with some of his buddies. They set up camp and a man approached the campsite, he was wearing a white t-shirt and was in shorts. The man seemed to just have appeared at their campsite. The man asked the fishermen if he could have a ride. After politely refusing the man a ride, they noticed that the air seemed to get very cold. They watched the man walk away and to their amazement he vanished before their very eyes. After this incident, they all decided it was time to leave. As they were pulling onto the road, the same man was in the middle of the street, they had to swerve to avoid hitting him. As they looked back to see if the man was okay, they saw that he was no longer there, he had vanished. They later learned that a man drowned at the location where they were fishing. The man was described as the man that they saw that night. Ms. X's husband had another occurrence. As he was driving to Fresno to a casino he saw a white balloon follow his vehicle, no matter how fast he was driving, the white balloon kept following his car. He would look in the rear view mirror and the balloon was right on his tail. As he awoke his passengers, the balloon vanished.

Ms. Y had her own paranormal experience. When she lived with her parents, she felt something jumping on her bed. She later felt whatever was jumping on her bed, also jumped on her chest and she felt pinned to her bed. She had a hard time breathing as this entity sat on her chest. This only occurred one time in this home.

Ms. W said that in one home that she lived in, when she laid on her bed with her head on the pillow, she would hear voices whispering near her ear.

Ms. Z listened to all of the ghost stories and she said that when she had an apartment in Los Angeles, her apartment was haunted and she would hear doors slam, cabinets open and close and she could feel a presence in her home. She was glad to move away from the apartment once and for all. After I heard all of these ghost stories, I had to give Holly DeLaughter, Sensitive & Investigator a call. When she gets a call from me, her ringtone is Michael Jackson's Thriller. When Holly got on the phone, I had to ask her about the Laos & Thailand stories that we came across. She found the stories in our HPI international files and now I will be able to relate the stories to you. To see pictures of my goddaughter's birthday party, click here:

Laos and Thailand both are rich with ghost stories. Here are two stories from our HPI International files:

Laos Ghost Story: The Ghost of Dara
In a large tree sat the ghost of Dara. When people would walk near the tree, Dara, a female ghost would jump down and pull the hair of the people walking near the big tree that she lived in. After a while, people were used to having Dara pulling their hair and it was more of an irritant than any kind of threat. One day another group of people were walking past Dara's large tree and Dara jumped from the tree and faced the people. She was nodding her head 'no'. It was unusual for Dara to just stare at the passerby's and not pull their hair. The passerby's felt an uneasiness and decided to go back in the other direction. The next day the passerby's learned that 2 boys that were walking ahead of them had been killed by a tiger near Dara's big tree.

Thailand Ghost Story: The Ghost of Isra
Near a Tanio banana grove, the ghost of Isra would appear. She would always appear in the banana grove and acted like she was looking for something. After a while, a few curious people wanted to see what she was looking for. They dug in and around the area where Isra would make her appearance. Finally they discovered a beautiful gold ring. The people that found the ring, did not want a curse to fall upon them and placed the ring on one of the large banana leaves. They stepped back in the darkness and Isra made her appearance. She placed the ring on her finger and a large light appeared. The light engulfed Isra and she was never seen again. It is believed that the ring was given to Isra by her loving husband and she was very fond of the ring. Isra was never seen again.
As a paranormal investigator, I get many strange inquiries. Below is one that I recently received. I call this one the Demon Boy from the Bayou:

Demon Boy from the Bayou:
I have to tell you a story. Just recently I received a call from a teenager in Louisiana. I will call him The Demon Boy from the Bayou. Demon Boy has read my article on Demonology and is very curious about demons. He has recently been dabbling in Satanic rituals and studying black magic. He has noticed that a black mass has been following him. When this 16 year old boy called me, he said he was curious on what the black mass could possibly be. I told him at times, demonic entities can take the form of a black mist, black cloud or black fog. I told him it did sound demonic. When I told him this, he sounded pleased. I asked him if he needed assistance in getting rid of this entity. He said no, that he welcomes a demon in his life. He said he is not afraid of the demon and wishes to communicate with the demon. He asked me if I knew how to communicate with demons. I told him that I am not here to promote communication with demons, or the summoning of demons. I told him I was here to assist people that want demons out of their lives. I explained how demons will deceive the person that they are attached to. He felt the demon is his friend. This is all deception. The demon is here to destroy this man's life and after explaining this to Demon Boy from the Bayou, he merely shrugged off my suggestions for help. I had to finalize the conversation and told him if he ever needs help, to call me. He said he would, but he doubts that he will ever need help, because he is not intimidated by this demon and the demon knows it. This was a very odd call, but it saddens me that a young man like Demon Boy will seek out a demon in his life. He said lately he has been getting more and more angry for no apparent reason and feels like seeking out a way to hurt someone.

Enter the Demon Warriors!
I hope eventually I can help out Demon Boy, but if he is refusing help, there is nothing much I can do. When there is a way to assist a person tormented by demons, they will get a knock on the door by the Demon Warriors. Chris Grissom and I, equipped with praying beads, holy water and our knowledge of cleansing, will be there to assist. So, if you see two men in black suits, large crucifixes on their chests, sunglasses and a briefcase filled with demon repellents, then you know you have nothing to fear, because you have the Demon Warriors prepared to do battle. I wish it was that easy, but you must admit it sounds good and yes, sometimes we do wear suits and sunglasses. But, all kidding aside, it is wrong to play with dark forces. Demon Boy may have to learn the hard way and if he does, it may be too late.

The Ghost Stories of Lia LaBella and Melody White:
Well, let me finalize this article, before it becomes a book. On July 19, 2008, Saturday, I met up with Lia LaBella and Melody White. They contacted me, because they wanted to relate their ghost stories to me. They both have a strong interest in the paranormal. Lia tells me that when she was 13 years old she lived in a home in Land Park, Sacramento. It was a 5 bedroom house. She knew she had some paranormal activity going on, because at times the lights would go off and on, doors would slam and one night she was locked in a back room of the basement. Whatever the entity was, it would not let her out of that room. She was terrified. Finally she made good of her escape.

Doing her own researching, she discovered that the man that built this home is the one who haunts it. His name was Jack. There was also a woman that was somehow connected to Jack that ran her car through the garage and died instantly. She may also haunt this home. Lia remembers seeing a full body apparition at this home and on another night, she had her blankets rolled up on top of her. In 1995, a paranormal team investigated the home and found significant activity. She lived 2 years at this home and still recalls the terror. Her girlfriend Melody White is a psychic. Melody actually does see dead people and even her beloved dog BJ, that she owned for 11 years. BJ as a ghostly dog would actually curl up next to her. She has vivid dreams and if she can remember her dreams, they are significant. Her dreams are usually of family and friends. One dream she discovered that a person close to her was a product of rape and confronted that person and discovered her dream was accurate. Another dream she had was a dream about an asthma attack and someone close to her was going through these type of attacks. When she dreamed about a car accident, again it was someone close to her that was involved in a car accident. A ghost that she actually saw happened while she was at Lia's home. She started getting pictorial flashes in her head. She received a picturesque flash in her head of a woman in a black dress. She saw a woman with ugly slippers and was telling Lia, that she is seeing these hideous slippers and the woman in her flashes started getting upset with her. When she was saying the slippers were ugly, the coffee pot fell over and there was coffee on her and all over the floor. She felt a cold bone chill. The woman entity was saying "I need to tell you something", but the woman had a speech impediment and Melody kept thinking she was saying Anita. She thought this woman had a partial in her mouth and that is why she could not speak well. The entity became frustrated with Melody and finally she discovered that the entity was her late grandmother's deceased friend and all she wanted to communicate to Melody was the fact that she wanted her brother's baby to have some blankets. When Melody was able to interpret the images, the images stopped. I want to thank Lia and Melody for sharing their stories with me. I was able to give my outlook to their experiences.

If you have exciting ghost stories to share, give me a holler. I always love ghost stories that will give me a chill. To find out what Nancy Bradley - Celebrity Psychic has been up to. Check out this link here, you will be surprised!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paranormal Investigative Reporter, Ghosthunter
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
WPRT Paranormal Radio - Content Editor
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).

If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

Copyright © 2008 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by thefinalfrontier 14 years ago
I lived with three ghosts for thirty years and could see them at times looking at me while I layed in bed at night, At first it was a scary occurance but as time went on it appeared that they were actually quite friendly, I had made improvements on the farmhouse which was built in 1895 and I believe thats what sparked their curiosity, after some reasearch I found out that a child was killed in the driveway after his father backed over him while home for lunch from work with his milk truck in the 1940s, The other one I found was a man who had passed away in the livingroom of the house in 1930 s... [More]

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