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Jann Burner

The book of life

December 26, 2008 | Comment icon 2 comments
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So, how did we get here. How did we get into this mess as we arrive at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century ? And what will happen next ? I blame it on the creation of Advent Capitalism (short for adventure and invent). With the onset of the Internet and online trading, the economic system began evolving so rapidly it actually began to surf ahead of the crest of its own reality. This is a new paradigm. Multi-billion dollar companies which actually make no product and show no profit and yet their stock has continued to go up and up. A lot of these companies even give away their product and services for free. Unheard of.

Advent Capitalism is the road runner from cartoon fame having left the cliff and yet still moving as if there were ground beneath its feet. With computer technology and the Internet it is like a huge explosion has happened and humanity is riding the pressure wave. Making money on anticipation! Anticipatory earnings reports have become common. Rumors and “whisper numbers” have become the law. A fundamental change in the perception of time has happened. Intention is now of prime importance. The Imagineering of Intention is now more important than any bottom line. More important than any product.

Companies, technologies, entire new ways of being are evolving so rapidly they resemble time-lapse photography of flowers blooming. Yet this is no illusion, no slick scam. This is the human mind becoming engaged, Imagineering a mass bubble of pure Intentionality.

Things are increasing in speed. There is a quickening. “The future is headed at us like a semi just crossed over into our lane. Coming at us head on! Ready or not. Quick, create something to expect and in no time at all you will see it stream past your window…in your rear view mirror, and you will call it history.”

And now, a closer look at what is to be in store for us. Computers will become totally voice activated mimetic devices cued to their owner so no one else will be able to activate them. The good ones will not even be deceived by a recording of their owner’s voice. They will “seem” to become attached and will be able to pick up subtle clues that will be undetectable by technicians. Somehow (no one will be quite sure how) they will be able to tell the real from the Memorex. They will be able to read “stress” levels in their owner’s voice and eye like an attentive pet. “What’s wrong John? Have an especially difficult day?” Wireless wearables will become the style. No keyboard, no mouse, no monitor. The hardware will be comprised of two parts: a small pager like device which will attach to the belt and a headband with a small fiber optic cable which will twist gracefully around the face and project the full computer image directly onto the retina of the eye. The ultimate “head’s up display”.
Websites will have come a long way. People will go from designing personal web pages and Facebook entries to personal virtual reality sites. Places you will be able to hang out in. Places friends will be able to visit, the ultimate private club or salon. Some will be free floating and move like the frequency of a cell phone, never to be in the same place twice. Others will be so solid they will be constructed over generations and handed down from father to son, mother to daughter. Like cybernetic jewelry. Creations in cyberspace will be an investment.

Eventually people will begin to put their memories of their lives on their sites. At first they will be like a grand photo-album, but then things will get more complicated. People will begin to journal their memories (cleaned up and detuned or exaggerated). This will be called their Book Of Life and when you fall in love or become very close with someone you will share your “Book of Life”. You will go to their past (as they remember it or as they want it to be remembered) which is not to say that that is how it really was, but then, that is another story. In the end, who cares? The motto of the day will be,”Intention is Everything”.

Some people will constantly hang out in their own Memory Palaces. Some will call this Cyber-Porn. Masturbatory! With some people, taking a walk through their Book of Life will be like a walk through a very cultured and cluttered museum. With others it will be a walk in a park. With still others, you might not want to walk through their Book alone, without a guide and without protection. And especially not at night, even Cyber-Night. It might resemble a cross between Times Square, New Year’s Eve 1999, and a car crash in progress with everything happening at once and yet with all the separate incidents frozen in time, to be savored later, like the left-overs from a frozen dinner. From a Jeffery Dhamer buffet.

Some people will actually hire others to design their sites, so it will be dramatic or pretty or impressively chic. Beware of anyone who has someone else design their Book of Life.

Some people will get so caught up they will actually begin to live in their book and they will get stuck somewhere between their restructured memory of a past and their fantasy imagining of a future. Their real life simply will become a maintenance site for their bio-computer, a place to sleep, fuel the body, take a dump and sweat, so that the mind might remain healthy, so as to allow them to really live and move through their silicon/crystal version of consciousness, through their Book of Life…their Memory Palace. Their perfect place to be where no wind blows. The center of the cyclone. This will be more addictive than any drug.

If you enjoy Jann Burner's columns, check out his new book on Amazon - "The Claire Letters" - a spiritual love story between a San Francisco taxi driver and an elderly retired teacher from Texas. Very inspirational. Comments (2)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Lt_Ripley 15 years ago
wasn't this like the argument against TV ?
Comment icon #2 Posted by ROGER 15 years ago
wasn't this like the argument against TV ? Yes it is. And with Video gaming and computers, we parents finally got the kids off the T.V. So now we can watch what we want!

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