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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

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Rigged wars

Posted on Saturday, 3 October, 2009 | 3 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

Wars provide a ready excuse for increases in government spending and power, for secrecy, and for the imposition of one world government as a "solution" to the problem. They also kill a lot of people, and the global elites have long been obsessed with drastically reducing the human population of our world. There is, increasingly, evidence that many wars have deliberately been instigated for these and other reasons, and now the United States seems to be bogged down in wars that never end. In fact, since the UN was created...supposedly to prevent wars...the world has not known one peaceful day. But let us discuss just three of the wars of the terrible century that began (historically speaking) in 1913, the century and (I believe) the age that will end in 2012. In each case there is circumstantial evidence that seems to show that the wars were indeed orchestrated by a global elite, and that the US, at any rate, has essentially created enemies.

The century was less than a year old when, in August 1914, the Great War (now called World War One, or WWI) began. It served as a convenient pretext for the League of Nations, the first serious attempt at a one world government. And, far from making the world "safe for democracy," it led to the rise of fascism...initially in Russia, where it was called communism, and later in Italy and Germany and Japan.

There is reason to believe that, orchestrating things from behind the scenes, are powerful secret societies, and WWI was touched off by a smaller version of such, centered in Serbian Army intelligence. This was the Black Hand, founded in 1912 and led by Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijevic (code name Apis), and the Black Hand created a subgroup called Mlada Bosna (Young Bosnia). One of its recruits was the Serbian Gavrilo Princip, who shot the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his pregnant wife Sophie, killing them and her unborn child. But why did Serbian intelligence officers wish to risk provoking an Austrian attack on their small country by shooting the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a man who was very sympathetic to the Serbs? When Austria attacked Serbia, Russia came to the support of her fellow Slavs, making no real effort at a diplomatic solution to the crisis, and then Germany came to the aid of Austria, making no effort to reign in her ally. Then, since all the nations of Europe subscribed to an insane military doctrine of attack that made no allowances for the awesome power of the defense in an age of mass armies, maching guns, and repeating rifles, Germany invaded France, hoping to knock the French out of the war and then take care of France's slow-to-mobilize ally, Russia.

All of this might have been avoided had a certain very influential Russian, a man who dreaded war and advocated diplomacy, had access to the Czarina and the Czar. But that man was immobilized by wounds suffered in an assassination attempt that happened on the same day (British author Colin Wilson believes at the very same moment) as the killing of Franz Ferdinand. That Russian was Rasputin, an alcoholic womanizer, but also a devout Christian and a lover of peace who, due to his abilities as a healer (of their hemophiliac son) had great influence over the Czar and Czarina.

Once begun, the war dragged on for four terrible years, killing perhaps 20 million people and doing immense economic damage. Germany invaded neutral Belgium since their attack doctrine called for a wider front, bringing England into the war against Germany. All of this could easily have been avoided, but it wasn't, and both sides refused to negotiate, even when the stalemate was obvious, and France and England, in particular, continued to attack and attack and attack when there was no reasonable hope of success, bringing death and disability to millions...for nothing. The US entered the war for "democracy" as an ally of autocratic states like Russia and Japan. The war was finally ended by an armistice taking effect on November 11 at 11 in the morning of 1918. November being the eleventh month, it is worth pointing out that three elevens make 33, as in thirty third degree Mason. Eighteen (1918) is the sum of seven and eleven, which just happens to be the height to base side ratio of the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. Perhaps all of this is coincidence, but on 9/11 one of the planes was supposedly Flight 11, and another Flight 77. As David Icke and others have noted, the elites do this sort of thing.

The war was finally settled by the Treaty of Versailles, which was so harsh, so punitive of Germany, that it practically guaranteed another war if Germany was ever able to rearm. The French and British, having enraged the Germans, now did precisely that...let them rearm, militarize the Rhineland, achieve union with Austria, and occupy Czechoslovakia. Finally, when it was too late to defeat Germany easily, the Allies went to war over Poland, declaring war on Germany even though the Soviet Union had also invaded Poland. If the French and British were morally outraged over the invasion of Poland, why not declare war on the Soviets, who also invaded Finland? I always say that you can only get so much mileage out of human stupidity and honest mistakes before you need to open your eyes and realize that something more sinister is involved.

The French constructed the Maginot Line, but thoughtfully did not extend it along their frontier with Belgium, where Germany had attacked in 1914. They and the British finally began constructing field fortifications there, but abandoned them to rush headlong into Belgium when it was already too late and Germany had already breached the Belgian defenses. They left their right flank open in the Ardennes region, making no effort to establish a defense line there, in terrain ideal for the defense, or to attack the vulnerable flank of the Germans as they poured through the mountain passes. The Germans then were able to cut off the Allied armies in Belgium. British author Ernest R. Moy, in "Strange Victory: Hitler's Conquest of France," pointed out that, contrary to myth, the French (and the British, Dutch, and Belgians) fought bravely and (up at least to the division level) skillfully. But, again and again, the French high command made decisions that, cumulatively, guaranteed defeat, much to the relief of the German generals, who had rightly considered the French Army superior to their own.

In Asia and the Pacific the Japanese embarked on an insanely irrational war of conquest, ostensibly to gain control of raw materials, including oil, tin, and rubber that they could easily have obtained through trade. The US made little effort at diplomacy, not even trying to convince the Japanese to join forces with Chiang Kai Shek to defeat the Chinese Communists, whom the Japanese military claimed to hate, or to guarantee Japan access to raw materials in return for peace with Chiang and his Nationalists. Instead, FDR froze Japanese assets and imposed an oil embargo, guaranteed to force them to invade Southeast Asia. We clearly understood that, to do so, they had to occupy the Phillipines, our base on their flank, and, to do that, they had to take out our Pacific Fleet, which FDR obligingly moved from our West Coast (out of range of Japanese carriers) to vulnerable Pearl Harbor. Our own Navy had twice proved in war games how vulnerable Pearl was to surprise carrier attack, and Japan had a history of surprise naval attacks, as against Russia in 1905. When Admiral Richardson protested this insanity, FDR fired him.

After the embargo, Japan's Pacific Fleet with its six carriers, disappeared. It was reasonable to suspect that it was headed for Pearl, and, its speed being known, easy to figure when it might arrive there. We knew that shallow draft torpedoes could be designed (the British had used them against Italy at Taranto) and that the Japanese had been practicing carrier attacks on ships in a harbor shaped like Pearl Harbor. Japanese spies in Hawaii, unmolested, sent regular bomb plot messages. The US redirected all Pacific shipping to southerly routes, leaving the northern route (the one taken by Japan) to Hawaii wide open. Only recently have we learned that, contrary to what we were told at the time, the Japanese fleet did not observe radio silence, and we knew their approximate location and progress...but Washington made no effort to notify Admiral Kimmel and General Short on Oahu. We had broken the Japanese diplomatic code and (we have since learned) at least one of their naval codes, but, again, Kimmel and Short were not warned. As early as 8/14/41 British agent Dusko Popov tried to warn the FBI of the impending attack, and, later, the Ducth sent warnings, but all of this was ignored. On 11/26 and 12/2/41 McArthur lied to Pearl and said the Japanese Fleet was still in the South China Sea. FDR had admitted that he wanted a war with Japan and wanted them to strike the first blow, and Admiral Stark refused to pass the final warnings to Pearl. General Marshall was allegedly out riding his horse on the critical morning.

And we all know how all of that ended. After 12/7 General McArthur refused to meet with his air chief, General Brereton, who wanted to use his powerful B-17s to attack Japanese planes on Formosa. The attack never took place, but our planes were left on the ground, vulnerable, to be destroyed by the Japanese. McArthur's forces were adequate to defend the Bataan Peninsula for many months, if supplied, but McArthur left most ot the supplies on the other side of Manila, and rushed hither and thither, reacting to Japanese landings, when his forces were utterly inadequate to defend all of the Philippines. All of this is far beyond stupidity. This is treason.

Add to all of this the fact that US bankers and financiers, including Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, and Standard Oil, had bankrolled Hitler and had continued to trade (through neutral third parties) with the enemy throughout most of World War Two. And our elites had also bankrolled the Bolsheviks in Russia, and we gave the Soviets massive aid, often at the expense of our own forces, throughout and even after the war. FDR also made communist Robert Oppenheimer chief scientist for the Manhattan Project, with predictable results...he hired the Soviet spies who gave the atomic bomb to the torturer and mass murderer Stalin. We invited Russia to help us in the last weeks of the war in the Pacific, after Japan was already effectively defeated, allowing them to set up a communist regime in North Korea and to arm the Chinese Communists in Manchuria. At the instigation of General Marshall (the horseman of 12/7) we then cut off military aid to Chiang Kai Chek, leading to the communist takeover of China and setting the stage for the Korean War.

We had massive quantities of surplus arms after WWII ended, but equipped South Korea's 64,697 man army with only 100,000 rifles, and some machine guns and mortars, some light artillery, 500 US advisors, and no planes. The Soviets equipped North Korea's 135,000 troops with T-34 tanks, heavy artillery including self propelled guns, 180 planes (of which 110 were fighters and bombers) and 3,000 advisors. We could have armed the South with purely defensive weapons, including heavy artillery, anti tank guns and rocket launchers, and P-51 and Corsair fighters. But we didn't, and we ignored warnings of an impending attack by the North. And so we insured our near defeat in Korea, where McArthur would later rush headlong toward the Yalu River, ignoring repeated warnings of a massive Chinese invasion until it was too late, and Truman would refuse offers of help by Chiang (now on Taiwan, or Nationalist China) and give the enemy safe haven north of the Yalu.

It is in this light that we need to take a hard look at the disasters of later years, including the Vietnam quagmire, Reagan's occupation of the low ground in Lebanon, where he hampered our forces with restrictive rules of engagement, the First Gulf War (which we refused to finish) and the current entrapments in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have been betrayed, not once, not twice, but over and over and over.

William B Stoecker

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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