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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: Jim Linwood

Are reptoids real ?

Posted on Friday, 6 November, 2009 | 10 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

Reptoids, or reptilian humanoids, are almost an article of faith among many ufologists and investigators of the paranormal. They are depicted as ranging from slightly smaller than an average man to a height of up to 12 feet, and reputedly have clawed hands and feet, and scaly, often green skin. Some, but not all, have tails. Many wear hooded robes like monks. There are even a few reports of reptoids with horns and wings, resembling the popular image of demons. It is interesting to note, by the way, that observers have reported an immense variety of "aliens" and cryptoids, but reports of classic demons are very, very rare. Reptoids have been reported by some ufo abductees, and there are reports of such creatures wandering about the Earth, usually in swamps, when no ufo is observed. Yet there is no convincing proof, and relatively little evidence, that they even exist. Understand what I am saying here. I am not saying that they do not, or cannot exist. It is impossible to prove a negative proposition, and I know better than to try. As a ufo abductee myself, and having had numerous seemingly paranormal experiences, I am not one to scoff at people who report such things. I am simply saying that the evidence for reptoids is weak.

Author and researcher John Rhodes believes that reptoids are real, and that they may have evolved from some kind of small, running dinosaur. He has proposed that, in response to some past cataclysm, their ancestors long ago retreated underground, and that some of them may have emigrated to other planets, or even to parallel universes. Some other researchers have suggested that these intelligent dinosaurs may have evolved in Antarctica when the Earth was much warmer than today, and moved underground to escape the long Antarctic night. But, if so, how would they have survived underground prior to their development of technology? And why is there nothing anywhere in the fossil record to show the evolution of such creatures? Having met and spoken with John Rhodes, I am convinced that he is an intelligent and honorable researcher. But still there is no proof of the reptoids' existence.

Supposedly there are extensive legends among many cultures of the existence of reptoids. But a careful study of the legends shows that they almost never contain any unambigous description of reptoids. Most appear to refer to dragons and to "serpents" (possibly in reality a referral to dragons) as tutelary spirits. This is a major, major mystery in its own right, and worthy of a separate article (entire books have been written on the subject). The Book of Genesis in the Bible describes the "serpent" (never identified with Satan, by the way) as being the giver of wisdom, having the power of speech, and not being shaped like a legless ground crawler (until God cursed it). People have assumed that this implied that the serpent was a reptoid, but the Bible never describes it. Some researchers have cited the Nagas of Hindu myth, claiming that these were reptoids from underground. But Hindu legends merely state that some of them can take on a human (not reptoid) form more or less at will. Otherwise they appear as great serpents, and are described as nature spirits of springs and wells (like dragons). Most are benevolent (like Chinese dragons) and a few are malevolent (like the post-Christian dragons of European lore). The Nagas do not always live underground; they are often described as creatures of the sea.

A side issue is the ambiguity of the tutelary spirits. Prometheus in Greek myth was a friend of humanity, giving us the gift of fire, for which he was horribly punished by Zeus, who wanted people to remain weak and ignorant. The Biblical serpent brought hardship and death to humanity. But knowledge is, after all, ambiguous in itself, and technology brings instruments of destruction as well as tools for prosperity.

The nephilim or giants of the Old Testament are often cited as reptilians, but nowhere are they described as such. In Genesis, a class of fallen angels mated with human women who gave birth to a race of giants. Again, this is a mystery in itself, but there is nothing to connect the Nephilim with reptoids. The feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan of Mesoamerica is described as either a man or something resembling a dragon, and, in legend, came from and returned to the Caribbean. But he was not described as a reptoid. Oriental kings and emperors claimed descent from dragons, and King Arthur's father in the British myth was Uther Pendragon, and let us not forget the inspiration for the Dracula story, Vlad Dracul. But there is a world of difference between dragons and reptoids.

On 6/29/88 sixteen year old Christopher Davis, driving near the Scape Ore Swamp in Lee County, South Carolina,reported to local police that he had been attacked by a seven foot tall reptoid with scaly, green skin, three fingers and three toes on each hand and foot, and glowing (or reflecting) red eyes. His car mirror was damaged and there were scratch marks on the top of his car. Several other people in the area made similar reports, and several more cars were damaged. Sheriff's deputies found three toed tracks. This is probably the strongest evidence anywhere for a reptoid. Skeptics would claim that the glowing red eyes often reported by people claiming encounters with cryptoids are inspired by popular fiction...but could not the reverse be true? Yet, strong as the Lee County evidence is, it does not prove the existence of a race (physical or paranormal) of reptoids. John Keel and other researchers have catalogued a vast and bewildering array of truly frightening creatures reported by a great variety of people. We are either sharing this world with a variety of monsters, or one or a few beings are capable of shape shifting...and/or projecting an image directly into our minds. This may be particularly true in ufo encounters, and a very real encounter with the paranormal may be interpreted in terms of our expectations. Reptoids, grays, the Mothman, etc., may have a very different appearance from what is reported, or even be invisible to the eye... perhaps they are directly perceived by the mind.

There have been other reports of reptoids, usually near water. Note that ufos also are often seen hovering over bodies of water, or entering or leaving it. There may, for all we know, be alien bases on the sea floor...or perhaps water, with its many mysterious attributes, may facilitate paranormal manifestations or travel between worlds. Teenagers on Vancouver Island in 8/72 reported being chased by an apparently aquatic reptoid near Thetis Lake. In 1955 a businessman in Loveland, Ohio reported seeing several four foot tall green bipeds with webbed hands and feet, and said that one held what appeared to be a metal bar that emitted sparks.

Numerous alleged abductees have reported reptoids, but an even greater number have reported grays,insectoids, giants, dwarves, creatures resembling Sasquatch, and tall blonds who appeared to be completely human. Are we to believe that Earth is being regularly visited by hordes of beings from many different worlds, all of whom have nothing better to do than conduct endless medical tests and geological studies, ask idiotic questions and give us equally idiotic advice? Or is it not more likely, as author and researcher John Keel has theorized, that many of the encounters are with deceitful spirits who project images directly into the human mind?

And perhaps we sometimes have an innate tendency to see the entities as reptoids, possibly due to our natural fear of crocodiles and snakes. It may have something to do with the fact that we share with reptiles the R-complex portion of our brain, supposedly responsible for much of our agression, territoriality, and love of ritual.

Author David Icke has carried the idea of reptoids further than almost anyone, claiming that members of the elite, including England's Royals, are reptoids disguised as humans, or reptoid/human hybrids. Those of us who have studied the New World Order conspiracy have no problem believing the worst of certain powerful people, but humans cannot even interbreed with most other mammals. How could we breed with reptiles or with creatures from another planet? Perhaps the elite bloodlines are prone to demonic possession and psychically sensitive people can perceive the demons and for some reason see them as reptoids. But, again, where is the proof? Icke relies heavily upon the testimony of people like Arizona Wilder and Cathy O'Brien, who claim to be victims of mind control. There is no doubt that the elites have investigated mind control, but, if Wilder and O'Brien were mind controlled, how do we know that they are not still being controlled and feeding us disinformation? Would not the elites have simply had them killed if they truly broke free and were revealing the innermost secrets of our rulers? Alternatively, if they were never mind controlled, everything they have said is untrue.

Reality may be stranger and more complex than that. Most of us have been brainwashed into accepting the philosophy of materialism, which insists that there is no God, no afterlife, only mass/energy/space/time, the observable, measurable physical universe, and that mind is merely a secondary manifestation, with the brain being a sort of electrochemical computer. But there is a competing philosophy. Idealists assert that mind/thought/spirit is the prime reality, and that the physical universe is but a great thought. If so, reality may be, not binary (real/unreal) but analog, with varying degrees and kinds of reality. In such a universe there is room for a great many strange things...even reptoids.

William B Stoecker

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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